Monday, May 23, 2005

On The Dem Trail As Youth Speaks Out And Lefties Nag Big Bill, Plus: Heather Stays True On "Osama" Vote, And: My Bottom Lines For A New Mexico Monday 

Daniela Glick
If New Mexico politics needs anything, it's some new faces and voices. Not that the old warhorses are not worthy of admiration, but every dog has its day and it seems that some of the dogs get decades. So we turn our eyes north to Red River where some 100 NM Young Dems gathered over the weekend and elected Las Cruces native Daniela Glick as the first female prez of the group.

If Glick is a fresh face, the issue she confronts is anything but; how do you get all those apathetic 18 to 34 year olds to the polls? Over 55% of the newly registered voters in 04' came from this age group but their turnout did not match the hype of the Kerry campaign and the state Dem machine.

Glick, a 24 year old old Georgetown grad, pledges to recruit youthful candidates as a way of increasing youth participation. Not a bad idea, but what issues will motivate them? Some NM Dems of the Vietnam era complain that Glick and her young brethren have done little to highlight differences with the Bushies over the Iraq war, an issue that just might light up some interest among youth, at least those prone to go Dem.


Meanwhile, from Big Bill's left comes persistent opposition, but it doesn't seem to be centered on the issues of the day, but rather insider baseball on how the state party is operating. Big Bill is the "titular" head of the party, but some of the activists at the Democracy for New Mexico site have been having a spirited debate on whether the party is being turned into a personal vehicle for the Big Guy. His political director, Amanda Cooper, provides the usual lengthy rebuttal from Bill's camp.


Remember those TV ads from Dem Richard Romero last fall slamming ABQ GOP Congresswoman Wilson for not doing enough to secure airline cargo planes from terrorist attacks? The spots became the major controversy of the campaign because they used the image of Osama bin Laden. Well, the issue of air cargo security was back before the House this month and Heather didn't flinch. She voted against an amendment that sought $1.4 billion for such things as technology to keep airline cargo holds free of explosives. Heather's campaign went ballistic over the TV ads, spending huge dollars to create a backlash against them. Judging by her recent vote she isn't having ay second thoughts,.


Longtime liberal ABQ Tribune columnist V.B. Price is out with a piece that echoes the sentiments of a lot of frustrated Dems. Is Heather Wilson turning into Manuel Lujan and Steve Schiff, the unbeatable Congressmen who preceded her in the ABQ seat?....One of the politician-bloggers writes that our little ol' Weblog was "a day late" and "stumbled upon" the potential ABQ mayoral candidacy of City Councilor Brad Winter from his site. Not so. We've been on it like a wet blanket, breaking the Winter story last November. Thursday we reported exclusively that Winter had met with GOP leaders to discuss a possible run. Hey, you get all that and we don't even ask you to vote for us......Speaking of blogging, graduate student Tom Bailey is coming at our beloved La Politica from a left of center position on his new blog....A final thought for this Monday: How come there are no pictures of Osama bin Laden in his underwear?

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