Thursday, June 16, 2005

Labor Pains for Chino And Gallegos, Plus: Top Politico Returns To NM, And: Big Bill & A Western Prez Primary; Does It Make Sense? 

Secretary Chino
Insiders report former Bernalillo county commissioner and state senate sergeant-at- arms Steve Gallegos has left his job at the NM Department of Labor after clashing with Secretary Conroy Chino and could end up back in county government. A South Valley Alligator gives it to you directly: "Steve and Conroy got into it and Steve ended up leaving. He's now looking at heading up the Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation department."

Chino, a former TV news reporter, presides over the big labor agency which both parties have traditionally used as a jobs agency for politicos. People love to work at the department. Why? Because headquarters is in ABQ and you don't have to commute to Santa Fe. Chino came in with no government experience and has been low-profile. He is one of two Native Americans in the Guv's cabinet.


Nick Franklin. Come on, you remember him. The Dem politico and lawyer ran for the nomination for the U.S Senate in 1984 and made political lore by losing to the underdog, State Rep. Judy Pratt. Of course, Sen. Domenici went on to trounce Judy in the General. But maybe you will get to hear the story directly from Nick soon. He's moving back to NM after retiring as a top health care lobbyist in sunny California. Franklin was a cabinet secretary under Guv Apodaca in the 70's and later served as chairman of the NM Dem Party. Dont be surprised if you see Big Bill and Nick exchanging notes in Santa Fe soon.


You Know Who
Meanwhile, advisers to Big Bill seem to think his best chance at breaking though in the Dem Prez race would be to set up a western primary and have him win it. But others see it as a mixed blessing. If he were to get the western primary, wouldn't he be expected to win? And when he did win it wouldn't the resulting coverage downplay its importance because he was a native son and expected to win? And what if he lost it? Bye, Bye. Others argue that you need convention delegates to win and that the Guv needs that western face-off to get them. More on his Prez plans in this from The Hill.

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