Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friday Night Surprise: Heather Nukes Patsy In New TV Ad; Faults AG On State Corruption Scandals 

In a surprise attack, ABQ GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson unveiled her first negative attack ad against Dem challenger Patricia Madrid, slamming the attorney general for dropping the ball on investigating an array of state corruption scandals. The ad comes on the heels of Heather's first TV spot, which was all on the sunny side of the street, touting Wilson as an independent minded politician who was "fighting for New Mexicans."

But Friday night the gloves came off in a pre-emptive strike that caught the politicos by surprise. The Dems immediately claimed Heather sees herself as being scared, but other analysts said Wilson could still be ahead in the race, according to her June poll, but decided to hit in order to keep Madrid from gaining any momentum.

"Maybe she is taking a page from Bill Richardson's book who is ahead in the polls against R opponent John Dendahl but is taking no chances and has already run negative radio against Dendahl." So said one Alligator checking in here shortly after the spot premiered on the state's airwaves on a hot July evening.

The only public poll in the closely watched congressional battle was released weeks ago by the Madrid campaign and it showed Heather just one point ahead of the Democratic contender.

We'll have more on the story on Monday's blog.

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