Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ghosts And Goblins! Not At Your Door, On Your TV Screen, But No Tricks Here, Only The Latest Treats From The Final Stretch Of Campaign 06' 

You wouldn't think Big Bill would need to scare the pants off of GOP foe John Dendahl. Maybe he just wants to have some Halloween fun as my Four Corners Alligators report Big Bill has hit the Farmington area mailboxes with a negative piece on John contrasting his position on legalizing drugs with Dendahl's. Joltin' John has raised the legalization banner in the past, but has tried to stay away from it during this race. It appears that the Guv is doing all he can to get over the magic 60% mark and is trying to eat away at Dendahl's Republican support in conservative San Juan. If he keeps it up, he may get fined for running up the score.

The Guv isn't against all Republicans. In fact, he was heard on answering machines around ABQ this week touting the candidacy of GOP Metro Court Judge Clyde DeMersseman who the Guv appointed to the bench and who is facing opposition from Dem Rachel Irene Walker Al-Yasi.


All is not lost, sounded GOP attorney general candidate Jim Bibb Monday as he emailed the money-giving elite with a plea for another $100,000 saying his race with Dem Gary King has narrowed to "single digits." Is that one point or nine points, Jim?

Bibb, making his first run for elective office, has picked up huge money from out-of-state interests. It appears he has pumped more than a half million bucks into TV ads since the beginning of the month. And he needs more?

In the final week of a campaign, the polticios are like an alcoholic--one drink is too many and ten is not enough.

Tracking polls do show the AG's race closer than it was, but while King has come down some Bibb has not gone up much.


Another R, Vickie Perea running for secretary of state against Dem Mary Herrera, came with last minute negative TV claiming Herrera ordered Starbucks coffee and had maid service while on a taxpayer funded trip. I wonder if the maid was an illegal alien, but I am sure Herrera had photo ID for the Starbucks.


And how about this one from our Gators in Chaves county. Not only has the Roswell Record endorsed a Democrat for Governor for the first time in a gazillion years, but the conservative scribes also threw their weight behind Dem State House candidate Ellen Wedum who is running against Nora Espinoza.

Nora is the favored candidate of State Senator "Lightning Rod" Adair who helped Nora secure the GOP nomination in a biter contest with educator Mike Kakuska. Adair battled with the paper then, and now it's payback time. Wedum is not favored to take the prize, but she can frame the editorial as a keepsake of her moral victory.


Heather & Murphy
And our gal Heather was on the trail late last week in Roswell. Why would the ABQ GOP congresswoman be there since it is not in her district, you ask? One guess. Money. She attended a fundraiser and paused for this picture with Roswell oilman Mark Murphy. Murphy has been making rumblings about reforming the state GOP after the November 7th election to put it on a more mainstream path and increase its competitiveness. If he goes for it, he will no doubt tangle with Lightning Rod who has been one of several leaders of a breakaway faction of the GOP that has drawn the ire of centrist R's.


You know for sure when an attack ad is having an impact when the opposition sees fit to respond. So it is with Heather Wilson's brain freeze ad against Dem rival Patricia Madrid. Patsy launched Operation Brain Defrost with this ad on Monday, turning the tables on Heather and letting the spot go silent for several seconds after asking how often Wilson has questioned Bush on Iraq.

The Madrid-Wilson race has seen an astonishing 11,500 TV ads and over $11 millon spent overall, reports Mark Barabak of the Los Angeles Times (registration) who we again met with this week as he wrapped up his series of articles on the contest. (ABC's Nightline will focus on the battle later this week.) Mark will miss New Mexico, but he packed up a bunch of Barelas Coffeehouse tortillas with him to take back to enjoy with his family. Those California guys are quick studies.

The best TV ads this cycle have come from the Murphy, Putnam Shorr shop which is handling the TV for Madrid and Big Bill. Murphy and company have been quick to respond to any TV threat to Madrid and have positioned Big Bill well, especially with the humorous "western" ad which has been featured on several national cable networks.

Heather's campaign has not lacked in volume, but the focus has repeatedly shifted. That's something that has been hard to avoid as the campaign has not been able to find a single theme, like Iraq, that has worked for her. They have narrowed the spots down for the final week and it seems more effective. (Just don't let that duck out of the pond again, Heather.)

ABQ Mayor Marty made his 06’ campaign debut in a spot for Madrid. The mayor is his usual smooth self, but doesn't that American flag belong behind His Honor's right shoulder, not his left?

How close will Wilson-Madrid be? If the Guv is right, we may not know a winner Election Night. He predicts to the ABQ Trib's Kate Nash that Madrid will win by a mere one half of one percentage point. By my calculations, that would be less than 1000 votes and mean the lawyers could get in on the action. Let's cross our fingers and squeeze our rabbits' feet that whoever wins does so by a couple of thousand votes.


No candy corn for Big Bill tonight. The ABQ Journal's Trip Jennings reported on the Guv's new diet and his determination to slim down as he ponders a prez run. Trip was unable to get the Guv to disclose how much weight he has lost, but the Guv disclosed the secret in an interview with KKOB-AM radio Monday putting the number in "the high teens." Maybe we should start a pool. Will the Guv's weight loss by Election Day be greater or less than the percentage of victory he wracks up...

KRQE-TV weatherman Mark Ronchetti was downright spooky on the eve of Halloween. That is if you are a Democrat. Ronchetti's long-range forecast said to watch for some possible wet weather Election Day, surely a scary prospect for the Dems who count on a heavy vote November 7 since many of their traditional voters do not go for early voting. Of course, the weather forecasters can get into a fever pitch about these things, so much so that the Department of Homeland Securty might consider using them to announce the latest terorist threats...

Just one week to go and we're with you every day until E-Day, including the weekend, so email me your latest news from the top of the page and help keep the final stretch politics coming.

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