Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Analysis of Richardson's Endorsement Of Obama--Video Special; Local Angles 

We sat down with KRQE-TV news anchorman Dick Knipfing Friday afternoon for in-depth analysis of Big Bill's endorsement of Barack Obama. You can see that here. Knipfing and 4 p.m. news co-anchor Jessica Garate were among the news folk kept plenty busy on what is usually the slow Easter weekend. Local angles on the endorsement are here and here.

Many are asking how Bill could turn his back on the Clintons after President Clinton appointed him UN ambassador as well as energy secretary. The New York Times reports the phone call Big Bill had with Hillary telling her of his decision to go with Obama was not a pleasant one.

“I talked to Senator Clinton last night,” Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico said on Friday, describing the tense telephone call in which he informed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that, despite two months of personal entreaties by her and her husband, he would be endorsing Senator Barack Obama for president. Let me tell you: we’ve had better conversations,” Mr. Richardson said.

Bill's speech in Portland came off well. It was one of the biggest crowds Big Bill has ever addressed. Clinton operatives were outraged at the Guv. One of them pointed out that
he had previously said superdelegates should support whomever their home states supported, Hillary Clinton carried NM in the Feb. 5th caucus. But the Guv told the New Mexican it was "only by about a half of a percent." Yeah, he had to stretch on that one.

I loved the dark of the night leak of the endorsement. The AP moved the story at 1 a.m. Friday. I received the Richardson e-mail to supporters shortly after and at 3 a.m. was doing a taped telephone interview for KRQE-TV's early morning news. Later in the day, as the news spread worldwide, I interviewed with KOB-TV. The BBC in London found us for their "World Today" program and we did several minutes of analysis with them which may still be posted on their site. If not, I will try to post. It was all very exciting, but it got me worrying about what happens when Big Bill is gone? What a letdown that will be. But, for now, he's still around, playing the game at the highest levels and keeping us all on our toes.

Right now, "vacation" is the dirtiest word in the dictionary for a New Mexico political junkie. This is an around-the-clock, around-the-calender campaign. The phone lines are burning up and the next shoe could drop at any moment. Stay with us.

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