Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Blog Clips: "Demolition Dinelli" Faces Future And More Politcal Comings And Goings 

Att. Pete Dinelli
You might call him "Demolition Dinelli" for all the tear-downs of eyesore ABQ hotels and motels he has supervised, but someday ABQ assistant city attorney Pete Dinelli hopes you might call him "Mr. Mayor."

"I expect to retire from the city by the end of the year and if Mayor Chavez does not seek re-election, I would seriously consider a mayoral bid," He said.

It wouldn't be the first time. Pete ran for mayor back in 1989, the year Ken Schultz lost his re-election bid and Louis Saavedra won in a run-off against Pat Baca. From 1985-89 Dinelli was an ABQ city councilor from the mid-NE Heights where he still resides. At 57, he is one of the NM Dem party's senior members who has a keen understanding of state political history. His passion for ABQ is similar to that of Mayor Chavez and the late Mayor Kinney. If he gets in the race, that alone could make him a player.

Mayor Marty took note of Dinelli's service to the city recently by holding a surprise roast for him at the balloon museum. Some 100 gathered to honor ABQ native Dinelli who, like Governor Richardson, had one Anglo and one Hispanic parent. The mayor had some nice things to say about his employee, but he didn't say anything about not running for mayor next year. Dinelli may also have to keep his eye on one of the vacant ABQ judgeships.


We're not saying Big Bill is supporting veteran ABQ SE Heights State Senator Shannon Robinson in his Democratic primary contest with political newcomer and progressive Tim Keller. Well, on second thought, maybe we are. From the Guv's office:

Governor Richardson will be joined today by State Senator Shannon Robinson to make a traffic safety announcement at Highland High School at 1:30pm.


Former NM First Lady Clara Apodaca (1975-79) is throwing her support behind the Dem congressional candidacy of Martin Heinrich. We've blogged that it appears the former city councilor already has a lock on the Chardonnay crowd. Maybe Clara served some blue-collar Budweiser at the house party she threw for Martin Thursday night. Meanwhile, is it Republicans saying Heinrich could be a possible '09 ABQ mayor candidate if his congressional bid comes up short? It sure isn't Pete Dinelli, Michael Cadigan or Richard Romero.


Roswell Alligators are not letting go unanswered that endorsement of GOP State Rep. Dan Foley by the National Rifle Association. They point out that Foley primary foe Dennis Kintigh has been given the go ahead by the Roswell Police Officers Association. Foley had a highly publicized run-in with the Roswell cops when he interfered at a basketball game in which his son was playing. Charges against Foley were eventually dismissed.


Bob Cornelius, former executive director of the Bernalillo County GOP and a short-time candidate for the Southern NM Congressional seat, says he's back on the circuit. "I will be sworn in as the new President of the New Mexico Republican Assembly, the "Republican Wing of the Republican Party" or as President Reagan once said "the conscience of the Republican Party," reports the 28 year old Lea County native who is also busy campaigning for GOP US Senate candidate Steve Pearce.


He's chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, but some observers thought US Senator Jeff Bingaman looked a bit helpless in a recent interview with the ABQ Journal in which he said nothing much could be done about the sky-high gasoline prices consumers are suffering under. Perhaps mindful of that, the chairman came with a stronger statement and some specifics on what can be done. Bingaman warned of political posturing over gas prices in this election year, but Bingaman is not up for election until 2012, and if we ever needed leadership on American energy policy, now is the time.

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