Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Clippings From My Newsroom Floor: Growth Issue Muted in ABQ Race, Plus: Haley The Cat: Blog Mascot? 

We haven't heard much and we don't expect to hear much about "sprawl" and "runaway growth" in this year's ABQ election. This is one of the few to ever be held in the midst of a severe economic downturn. At present, it's the lack of growth that is most feared. National polling shows environmental concerns have sunk to the bottom of the list of concerns of the average voter who is more worried about losing his job and having his belly grumble than the latest debate on a road extension. The growth issue has been a soft spot for incumbent Mayor Chavez who has withstood withering attacks in previous elections from progressive candidates. This time his rivals--Dem Richard Romero and Republican RJ Berry--are casting about for key issues that will stick. Today Berry starts taking on crime--a mainstay of city election campaigns regardless of the state of the economy.


Tis the season it seems for politicos to unveil their Web sites for the '10 cycle. The latest comes from the NM Republican Party. Perhaps the most aptly titled section of the new site is: What We Are Up Against." It notes that state government has been dominated by Democrats for 78 years. And why is that? Well, that's the question the underdog R's have to start asking in earnest. If they can unite and find an answer, they have a nice new Web site to put it on.


Haley the Cat
From our mail:

Hi, Joe. Can I be the blog's mascot? Best Wishes, Haley the Cat

Well, Haley the Cat, we do have an opening for a mascot. Let's see if you get any competition for the title from any of our readers with their own submissions. Also, we worry about that sometimes nasty critter--Jerry the Cat--owned by former ABQ Mayor Jim Baca and who used this blog a couple of years ago to repeatedly claw at the pets of Pat Lyons, Baca's land commission foe. Jerry was so bold he even made this woeful prediction on the blog on the eve of the 2006 primary:

"Jerry the Cat predicts a comfortable margin of victory for his beloved master. My most gracious master and provider will win his race for land commissioner because his opponent left 50K sitting in the bank rather than using it to secure more votes."

Not surprisingly, tough ol' alley cat Jerry never owned up to his errant prediction, even after his "beloved master" acknowledged his loss to Ray Powell.

Haley, do you think you are scrappy enough to ward off Jerry the Cat? You certainly do look poised to wrestle with any Alligators that get in your way. Thanks for writing.

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