Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Birthday, America! 

We're breaking with you for the holiday and will be back next week to kick off coverage of the second half of 2009. What was the big story of the first half of the year? It had to be the accelerated investigations into state pay to play allegations that now hang over the 2010 election like the sword of Damocles. The outcome of the federal grand jury investigations will color much of the politics of Part Two of 2009.

Another big story we can anticipate is the state's economic outlook and whether there will be a special legislative session to keep up with falling tax collections. Can the state avoid a special by dipping into reserves and then tackling the problem when lawmakers hold a regular session in January? More important, can the state avoid job layoffs?

Add in a race for ABQ mayor and the dropping in and dropping out of candidates for statewide office as the positioning continues for 2010 and you have the recipe for a fascinating mix of political news. But in New Mexico when is politics not the most enjoyable of spectator sports?

From Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan reporting.

Happy Birthday, America!

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