Thursday, February 03, 2011

How Cold Is It? It's So Cold Jack Schmitt Is Praying For Global Warming! And: More On How Our Politicos Are Coping With This Week's Ice Age 

How cold is it?

--It's so cold Governor Martinez was seen snuggling with Majority Leader Sanchez!

--It's so cold House Speaker Lujan is having hot tea with the Tea Party!

--It's so cold instead of handing out cold, hard cash, Roundhouse lobbyists are giving lawmakers hot apple pie!

--It's so cold the ABQ Apple store introduced the iParka!

--It's so cold we saw a politician with his hand in his own pocket! (Johnny Carson)

--It's so cold First Gentleman Chuck Franco is grilling his baloney sandwich!

--It's so cold State Auditor Hector Balderas is wearing a toupee!

--It's so cold Sam Bregman gave Javier Gonzales some of his hot air!

--It's so cold Lt. Governor Sanchez offered to fix leaky roofs for free!

--It's so cold State Rep. "Lucky" Varela changed his nickname to "Icy!"

--It's so cold Sen. John Arthur "Dr. No" Smith started a bonfire with all bills raising taxes!

--It's so cold Governor Martinez loaned Big Bill her personal space heater!

--It's so cold Darren White let Mayor Berry back into his office so he could stay warm!

--It's so cold that House Republicans decided not to walk out of the House energy committee--they ran!

--It's so called Susana announced she would not sell the state jet and immediately flew to Hawaii!

--It's so cold that Diane Denish agreed to co-pilot the jet!

As for today's weather, we get the forecast from ABQ South Valley politico Sisto Abeyta:

Good Morning Albrrrrrrrrrrquerque! Bundle up folks--it's a cold one!


It could have been worse and it's going to get better. That in a nutshell was the message from state Dem Party Chairman Javier Gonzales in his official re-election announcement.

Gonzales faces a spirited challenge from ABQ defense attorney Sam Bregman when the Dem central committee meets to pick the chairman April 30.

Meanwhile, here in Bernalillo County, insiders say politico Victor Raigoza is well-positioned to become the new chairman of the BernCo Dem Party. He would be replacing Ana Canales. A county central committee meeting is slated for March 19 to make the decision.


Former Governor Big Bill's papers have gone private for eight years, but that doesn't mean investigations into the former administration would be impeded , according to one of our Legal Beagles:

...A federal or state court or grand jury could still issue subpoenas, but the general public is denied access.

Meanwhile, Susana says that unlike Big Bill and Governor Johnson before him she will not have her papers sealed for eight years. At least that's the line for now.


The Guv is hedging a little on her statement that she is against a proposed Indian casino at Anthony, NM. She told the Las Cruces paper Friday: "I don't support it."

Now she comes with this revised statement: "I’m not convinced that it’s the best thing to do right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be convinced..."

Jemez Pueblo first proposed opening a casino at Anthony in 2oo4. Jerry Peters, businessman and major friend of former Governor Big Bill, is partnering with Jemez. The casino has been rejected by the Feds once, but Jemez wants it reconsidered.

Martinez appears to have made a rookie error, first appearing to shut the door completely when she may have meant to keep it slightly ajar. But it may be academic. A long federal process must be followed before the proposal ever reaches her desk. That could easily take another seven years. And despite her revised statement, she says she remains skeptical of the economic value of the casino.


There's really no way to sugarcoat it--serving in the minority in the US House of Representatives is generally a miserable experience, as NM Dem Reps. Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan are about to find out. Unlike the Senate, where the minority has some power and protections, the House is like a dictatorship when it comes to party control. And right now the R's are the dictators with NM GOP US Rep. Steve Pearce benefiting.

It will be a long two years for the young Lujan and Heinrich when it comes to trying to legislate anything. Their best bet is to beef up their constituent services during this down time and also look around for a couple of Republicans who will take a coffee break with them.

Good luck with that.


Here are the top ten US Senate races for 2012 as seen through the eyes of the Politico. New Mexico is not among them, as Dem Senator Jeff Bingaman remains unopposed.


The WaPo reports:

The Democratic Governors Association has rounded out it's staff, and it's set to announce a new political director, finance director and communications director.

Dan Sena will take over as political director. Sena, a former deputy political director at the DGA, most recently worked with Patriot Majority to help reelect Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Before that, he worked for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) and Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.).


Sometimes you try to do too much, and it leads you astray. It happened to us Tuesday night when we were assembling a multi-subject blog in the middle of the school board election results. In our first draft, we correctly blogged that incumbent school board member Dolores Griego was defeated, but we had the wrong name of the winner. The victor was Analee Maestas and she will now take that South Valley seat. Our apologizes to her for not getting it right the first time.

And it is Orbital Sciences Corporation--not Orbital Services--as we initially blogged in our report on the Spaceport.

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

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