Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Clippings From My Newsroom Floor: An Out Of This World Job, A State Job For Heather's Hubby And The Tweet Of The Week 

Talk about a new job for this century. It's out of this world. Virgin Galactic is advertising for "pilot-astronauts" as it continues preparations to launch tourists into space from the NM Spaceport. From the ad:

Qualified candidates are full course graduates of a recognised test pilot school who are broadly experienced with both high-performance fast-jet type airplanes and large multi-engine types. Prior spaceflight experience is desirable.

Virgin Galactic is dedicated to becoming a world leader in sub-orbital commercial space tourism with a longer term vision to develop space technologies that have the potential to open space to significantly more people and users. Pilot-astronauts are a vital part of its efforts to creating a safe and enjoyable commercial suborbital space flight...

We don't know what the pilot-astronauts will be paid, but astronauts with NASA are paid between $62,000 to $95,000 per year.

A help wanted ad that says "prior spaceflight experience desirable?" Surely, a new world awaits.

Here's a more down to Earth help wanted ad sent to us:

Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico, Inc.
(CAASNM) is looking for a CEO. The Board of Directors will close the search April 22. The CEO is responsible for providing leadership by working with the Board of Directors to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. CAASNM is a non-profit. Please send or deliver application and resume to Jennifer L. Garcia Kozlowski (jenniek@caasnm.org)

Jay Hone
While Heather Wilson is out campaigning for the GOP US senate nomination, her husband--attorney Jay Hone--will have the security of a state paycheck to help keep bread on the table. According to the Sunshine Portal, Hone has a new job as general counsel for the General Services Department. He's being paid $93,000 a year. Heather headed up Governor Martinez's transition team. Hone, 58, recently applied for an ABQ metro court judgeship but that post went to another applicant. He had been in private law practice for a number of years.

Getting a new gig in government or elsewhere in the state remains challenging, according to the
AP's monthly analysis:

The AP's index found that the only states not to strengthen in February over January were Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico and Wisconsin. All had higher or unchanged unemployment rates and, except for New Mexico, higher foreclosure rates in February.

Heather isn't the only GOP US senate candidate. Greg Sowards of Las Cruces is running too and calling Wilson "a liberal Republican." The owner of a group of day care centers confirms earlier reports that he has put $150,000 of his own money
into the race:

Sowards announced that his campaign has raised $152,035 in the first quarter. The southern New Mexico businessman contributed $150,000 himself....Sowards especially hopes to appeal to conservatives and Tea Party members looking for an alternative to former U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson. Sowards has called Wilson a "liberal Republican."

Waiting in the wings is Lt. Gov. John Sanchez. If he gets in he is also expected to woo conservatives away from Heather.


From southern NM Congressman Steve Pearce via Twitter:

I've never said to myself "You know what I could really go for? More government".

On our April Fools blog we joked that Pearce had called for abolishing the federal government. Now that was a joke with more than a grain of truth.

Sen. Bingaman
A reader writes about the endorsement retiring Sen. Jeff Bingaman gave Javier Gonzales who is seeking another term as chairman of the NM Democratic Party:

An endorsement from lame duck Bingaman carries all the weight of passing gas in a windstorm!

Sam Bregman and Letitia Montoya are challenging Gonzales. The party election will be held April 30.

Meanwhile, Gonzales released a robocall poll of some 94 members of the state central committee taken April 12 and that showed him well ahead of his challengers.

Javier Gonzales--54.26%--Sam Bregman--37.23%--L. Montoya--8.51%

About 400 Dem central committee members will decide the chairmanship


We end the week with this laugher that popped up in the email:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – The U.S. policy of exporting democracy abroad has meant that there is very little of it left at home.

That is the grim assessment of a new study commissioned by the University of Minnesota, which predicts that if the U.S. continues to export democracy at its current pace it may completely run out of it at home by the year 2015.

“We have been exporting democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq while there are severe shortages of it in Wisconsin and Florida,” said Professor Davis Logsdon, who supervised the study. “This is madness.”

Citing the study, Speaker of the House John Boehner said today, “It has been clear to me for some time that we must explore alternative forms of government, such as oligarchy or plutocracy.”Noting that democracy originated in Greece, Mr. Boehner added, “We must reduce our dependence on foreign sources of government.”

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Reporting from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan.

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