Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Clippings From The Newsroom Floor 

Here's a collection of clips that fell to our newsroom floor during the busy blogging week...

One of his fellow Dem Bernalillo County Commissioners may be seeking the Dem nomination for the US House seat, but Commissioner Art De La Cruz is backing former Mayor Marty Chavez over Commissioner Michelle Lujan Grisham:

I am proud to announce my personal endorsement of Marty Chavez for U.S. Congress. His record both as a public servant and as a community leader are what separate him from the all the candidates running for Congress – and his experience and commitment to creating jobs are what make him the perfect fit.

State Sen. Eric Griego is also running for the Dem nomination.


Senators John Ryan and Dede Feldman are making the peace over offensive comments Republican Ryan made about Democrat Feldman. Asked about a hypothetical match-up with Feldman in ABQ's North Valley, Ryan panned her by saying, "She's old." Dede is 64. John is 49. More on their peace in a second, but first Dem ABQ City Councilor Debbie O'Malley emails a word in:

To publicly state that a female colleague is “old” is bad enough; but to apply that statement to Senator Feldman? I’m sure you will be getting a lot of mail on this story, Joe, from “old” ladies like myself. Senator Feldman has to be one of the most respected legislators in the state; she certainly is one of the smartest. I don’t know of many public servants who work as hard for her constituents as she does and she can out-walk any candidate door-to-door. Ask anyone who has walked with her!

O'Malley represents the ABQ North Valley on the council. She is running unopposed for a third council term in the Oct. 4 election.

And here's the Ryan-Feldman peace angle:

Feldman was wheeled out onto the Senate floor, wearing a white wig and a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She reiterated her comment about not exploiting Ryan’s youth and inexperience. Ryan responded by saying. “There are days when you are humbled and I have never been more humbled … No one is more beautiful and extraordinary than my neighbor to the north.” Ryan apologized for “my bad taste” and added, “I love all of you and I really love her. Feldman responded by saying, “Thank you, Sen. Ryan, I must go for my nap now.”

They may know how to make the personal peace in Santa Fe, but as for doing the job they are up there for, fuggedaboutit. As we've known since the special redistricting session convened Sept. 6, there will be no redistricting deal and we are headed for the courts and millions of dollars of legal and consulting fees. That's enough to make the hair of taxpayers turn whiter than that wig Feldman was modeling.


ABQ GOP State Senator Bill Payne emails from Santa Fe:

Joe, It seems like the bi-annual association of (ABQ City Council candidate) Greg Payne with me is in full swing given the continued questioning I get in Santa Fe about the Albuquerque City Council race he is in. For the record, I am not related to Greg and am not in any way connected with or endorsing his campaign.

Greg Payne is challenging incumbent GOP City Councilor Trudy Jones in the Oct. 4 election.

And reader Heather Shore says we've fallen behind in monitoring the mail battle between Payne and Jones:

I don't know why you're writing that Trudy Jones isn't hitting Greg Payne for more recent egregious acts. My parents live in this area and got a postcard from Jones supporters that specifically mentions his horrendous treatment of staff while Director of City Transit, and the money the city had to pay for this actions.

This isn't the first time you've said that Payne doesn't really need to be vetted, since he hasn't been out of the public eye that long. I hope people take a good look and see the real Payne....My parents can't wait to see if he knocks on their door so they can give him a piece of their mind. And per a recent Journal article that quotes Payne, he is no Robert Downey Jr. I laughed out loud when I read that story. Conceit at it's finest.

Now you know why Senator Bill Payne wants nothing to do with this one...


Several readers said our Thursday headline, "Didn't Susana Say No State Layoffs?" was misleading. They have a point. Martinez never explicitly promised no layoffs. As we correctly wrote in our report:

It wasn't exactly a promise but when Governor Martinez presented her budget back in January she said it included no layoffs and no furloughs of state government workers.

Checking the record, we find this from November of 2010, shortly after her election:

“I would like not to have layoffs,” Martinez said Wednesday at an Albuquerque news conference. “People are already in furloughs in state government. We have to make sure we are providing the necessary core services and so I would never say they are off the table.

So the layoffs that have hit the Tourism Department and the State Fair this week are not a violation of a promise made by the Guv, but both she and the Legislature inferred that layoffs were not in the offing.


The Guv's office says Susana has taken meetings now with just about all the 112 state legislators. So who hasn't sat for a gubernatorial gabfest? A Roundhouse Alligator sends this list of seven state reps who are still waiting for the Guv to call:

Rick Miera, Mimi Stewart, Antonio Maestas, Eliseo Lee Alcon, Miguel Garcia, Eleanor Chavez and Brian Egolf...

Miera hasn't met with Susana? Well, maybe not recently.

Come on, Guv. Give the "Forgotten Seven" a bowl of tortilla chips and some salsa and you'll have them eating out of your hand--if not voting for any of your bills.


KRQE-TV has named Jessica Garate the new co-anchor of the station's top rated 10 p.m. newscast. She joins veteran Dick Knipfing. Dianne Anderson will now anchor the noon and 5:30 broadcasts....

Susana has her veto pen ready to go on those redistricting plans reaching the end of the legislative line. But you already knew that. But who will be the lawyers and consultants who will pull down the millions in fees now that we are headed to the courts?....

We're getting word that Chris Ramirez, the spokesman for ABQ Mayor RJ Berry, is the latest Berry staffer set to leave the mayor and go to work for the Martinez administration. There has been a wave of departures from the 11th floor since Public Safety Director Darren White was shown the door when he interfered at the scene of an auto accident involving his wife. All of those leaving have found jobs with the state.

This is the home of New Mexico politics. Thanks for dropping in this week.

From Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan reporting.

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