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Dems Eye US House Takeover, Plus: Emailgate, Keithgate And Susana's New Mood, Also: ABQ Vs. Las Cruces  

The good news for Michelle Lujan Gisham is that she may be brought into the US House because of the strength of President Obama in the ABQ congressional district. The bad news is that she will be a member of the minority in the House unless.....

House Democratic leaders insist they have a fighting chance to pull off what outside analysts call a major longshot: Winning back 25 seats to regain control of the chamber this fall. Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the third-ranking House Democrat, told The Hill that he puts the odds at about 50-50, and said President Obama can influence the outcome.

Serving in the minority in the House is a real downer. You are almost completely shut out. Just ask Dem Martin Heinrich who is leaving the ABQ House seat to run for the Senate. Over there, the minority part still has ways to have some stroke.

Grisham will not only be watching her own race results Election Night, but the national picture for the US House. How it turns out will have a whole lot to do with her future job satisfaction.


What a week for the Guv and her Chief of Staff Keith Gardner. Emailgate came crashing through the gates with attorney and possible 2014 Dem Guv candidate Sam Bregman driving the truck. All of a sudden emailgate went from drip, drip, drip to a gully washer.

Martinez herself had to go before the cameras and address the multiple angles of the ongoing scandal. Not good. And Gardner's admission heard on a tape recording that he doesn't use state email because he is afraid he would go to jail had the Alligators saying that we may reached an inflection point--that the rosy view of this administration could be sullied by the continuous pounding it's taking. Speaking of which, this reader was quick to pile on Keith:

Governor Martinez appears to have completely dismissed an admission by Gardner that some of his communications, if disclosed, could send him to jail. Gardner admits in a recorded conversation, that he never uses his state email account, but even more importantly that he goes completely "off-line" for many of his communications so as to not wind up in legal trouble. Governor Martinez's silence about Gardner's admission seems to indicate that she is untroubled by illegal conduct by those at the highest levels of her administration--so long as they don't get caught. As a former prosecutor shouldn't heads be rolling after Martinez learned that the man she entrusted to run her government is engaging in actions that could produce jail time?

Unfortunately for Susana, Bregman drew blood this week and the smell of that stuff in the water has a galvanizing effect not only on sharks but also on lawyers. Stay tuned.


That four minute video tape of Susana defending Gardner and lashing out at Bregman was unsettling. She was harsh, a bit arrogant, defensive and looked very annoyed. It was the side of Susana that has for the most part been kept out of public view. The background optics of her administration have been her cherry countenance amid the smiling school children she seems to greet almost daily.

This sour Susana is not a selling point. Her political guru Jay McCleskey has done his best to keep Susana from bristling before the cameras--pretty easy to do when the media and the news flow tend to be on your side. But that is slowly changing. Susan and Jay cackling behind closed doors over how they want to devour their political enemies is one thing, but to bring the fighting side of these personalities before the New Mexican public is the last thing you want to do.

Martinez must now go off script and handle a scandal that will continue to develop in an unscheduled and unpredictable manner. Her reversion to the prickly personality of a district attorney--which she was for so long--may help her legally but it can be poisonous to her carefully crafted public persona.


From Las Cruces politico Tony Schaefer comes with this:

In a posting this week you reported that the construction economy in Las Cruces is far better than that of Albuquerque. I hate to say is just isn't so. If you subtract the massive one time spending by local, state and federal agencies including the public schools and NMSU, our economy is just as flat. 

...The debate between Dems and Repubs can be simply summed up as continued spending versus budget trimming. The big question is where we draw the line, as in how much debt are we willing to accumulate.  Unfortunately, whatever the goal of spending; feeding the poor, housing the homeless, defending the nation, all have costs. The overriding question must be how the costs of such efforts can be paid for and thus sustained.

Respectfully, Susanna Martinez has no idea of how the private enterprise system operates, since she never has held a job that was not supported by the public. Where is the private industry experience of Sen. Tom Udall or Rep Ben Ray Lujan or Rep. Martin Heinrich or ABQ congressional candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham or any of the current office holders or candidates? At least Rep. Steve Pearce was in the private sector, but his veer to the far right has left most of us hoping for better.

The goal of governance or politics here is not the public good, it is not improving the economy, it is not job creation. It is the goal of promoting political hegemony. It is better to gain one more Republican in office than to allow a Dem to ascend the political ladder, even if that Dem would assure more jobs and vice versa. Jobs and the economy are simply not on the agenda. Until the people of New Mexico demand better they will gain nothing better. It is time you and we all wake up and smell the roses. If we expect that New Mexico will survive based upon continued federal, state and local spending then I expect we all will be crying over our demise sooner rather than later, as will I.


Hey, it's better than passing around envelopes full of cash like they were said to have done in the old days. The news:

Green chile is the best way to kick-off the 2012 Fall Election Season. Michael Padilla for State Senator is hosting a huge BBQ in the ABQ South Valley this Saturday, September 8. The event will be at 4:30 PM, at 7241 Isleta SW. We will be giving away 15 sacks of New Mexico green chile (extra large 35 lb. sacks). I hope you can make it...

Now don't go thinking someone is going to vote for a candidate just because they're getting a 35 pound sack of green chile. Well, not unless it comes roasted....

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