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Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor 

Clippings from our newsroom floor: With the '14 Guv's race looking tougher because of the results of the '13 legislative session, a number of top Dems say protecting Dem control of the state House and ousting Republican Secretary of State Dianna Duran may emerge as the party's top '14 priorities--unless something changes...

Governor Martinez's PR pop from her selection as an official US Delegate to the Pope's inaugural mass this week wasn't exactly a fizzle, but there was no picture of her with the pontiff or other eye-catching media.

ABQ Dem City Councilor Ike Benton this week announced his bid for a third four year term on the nine member panel. He is running in some new territory because of redistricitng, but is favored to stay on the council...

The Lobo curse continued Thursday with the UNM basketball team getting knocked out at the first round of the NCAA tournament when Harvard shocked them 68 to 62. This came just a day after UNM coach Steve Alford was given a big raise and an unprecedented 10 year contract by Athletic Director Paul Krebs. How do you like them apples, new UNM President Bob Frank?

As for Alford, nice work if you can get it, but he might want to think about resetting expectations if he is going to hang out here for another decade. But congratulations to our kids on the team. They got UNM into the NCAA and for many of us that's enough.


Join us at 4:30 p.m. Sunday on KOB-TV for "Eye on New Mexico" as we wrap the 2013 legislative session with news anchor Nicole Brady and veteran political reporter Stuart Dyson.


Reader Eric Lucero keeps on the look out for films that have appeal to followers of La Politica. Here's his latest:

I recommend "Emperor" (3 solid stars out of 4), a very compressed and inspired historical drama starring Academy award nominee Tommy Lee Jones as General Douglas McArthur, 

The film is not so much about General McArthur, who we now know was both a military genius and a pompous glory hound, but more about Lt. General Fellers, his unsung head of psychological warfare operations, military attaché and de facto protégé. Fellers was tasked in Post-WWII Japan to provide evidence that would spare from the gallows the defeated country’s “Sun” Emperor Hirohito.

Fellers, working under the code name “Operation Blacklist,”would labor for months to provide  military and political reasons for McArthur to defy President Truman and American public opinion for summary punishment of the Emperor. 

In 1971, Emperor Hirohito conferred on Fellers the Second Order for the Sacred Treasure, among the highest civilian awards that the Royal Family can give.

“Emperor” provides a possible explanation why the decisions of these two military leaders helped forge a new and robust economy for Japan as well as making it a pacifist nation that ushered in the American Century.

In ABQ “Emperor” can be seen at Century 14 Downtown.


In our Monday blog we assumed all 18 state House members who voted against that controversial tax package came from Dems. But the published record shows 5 Republicans joined 13 Dems to oppose the package which won on on a 46 to 18 vote with 6 absent. There are 38 Dems in the House so that is not "about half" the House members as we initially blogged, but it is a good chunk of them and sure to give Speaker Martinez a headache in the months ahead. (Readers helped us with the final vote count as our second correction of the vote that we posted was off by one R).

Among those abstaining was freshman ABQ Dem Rep. Emily Kane who narrowly won her seat in 2012 and is expected to get a stiff GOP challenge next year.


Mayor Berry is calling outgoing ABQ Police Chief Ray Schultz the best in city history, despite his departure under a cloud as the US Justice Department continues a probe into numerous fatal police shootings.

We offered up Bob Stover as perhaps the best chief in modern city history and that brought this note from retired APD Seargent Dan Klein:

I remember when I worked under Stover. I was a sergeant and it was when the department was going to have a "blue flu" under Mayor Louie Saavedra.

Stover calls all the sergeants and lieutenants to a mandatory meeting at the police academy the day before the blue flu was going to occur. He goes up to the podium and says "I can take the heat for any officer who calls in blue flu tomorrow night. But if one of you SOB's calls in I will have your bars and stripes before the following morning." Then he walks out.

That is still a great memory and not one Lieutenant or seargent called in. We took him at his word. We knew he would protect our troops and we knew he would demote us. Those were the good old days....

That's it for this week. Thanks for the company. Reporting from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan.

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