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Join Us For Our City Election Pre-Game Show At 5 Today, Plus: Pearce's Problems Mount Amid Shutdown, And: The Witty Entries And Winners In Our Photo Caption Contest 

Who will win the race for ABQ Mayor? By what percentage? How about the council contests?

Who's up and who's down? And just how many of us will vote in Tuesday's city election?

Those are some of  the topics we'll cover today as we kick-off two days of election coverage. Our pre-game show is this afternoon at 5 p.m. on KANW 89.1 FM and KANW.COM.

We welcome your company today and again Tuesday night at 7 p.m. for our traditional wall-to-wall public radio Election Night coverage.

Now to the latest La Politica...


For Republican Steve Pearce there will be no winning from this Federal government shutdown. In fact, it is now about cutting his losses--losses that are accumulating daily for the southern New Mexico congressman.

While conservatism runs deep through the southern soil, it is not enough to offset the economic pain that is raining down on the district as a result of the shutdown. Here's an editorial from the Carlsbad Current-Argus that is among the first signs that Pearce confronts a no-win situation:

This is a last-ditch effort by Pearce and other House Republicans to force changes to existing law that they could not accomplish through the legislative process, through the judicial process or through the election process...The economic impact that a lengthy shutdown would have on our community would be damaging. The impact it would have on those going weeks or longer without a paycheck would be devastating...(Obamacare) will not be overturned by this misguided effort. The only question now is how much damage will be done to our local and national economies before Pearce and other House Republicans come to that realization.

The shutdown could have not have at a worst time for Pearce. His district votes reliably conservative, but it is slowly changing. That has led the Dems to recruit former Eddy County Commissioner  Roxanne Lara to run against him next year. She reports raising $100,000 in September, a bullish kick-off for her embryonic campaign.

Pearce is also busted in that Carlsbad editorial for trying to have it both ways. They quote him as saying he is standing on principle in supporting the shutdown. But they cite another quote where he turns around and blames the shutdown on the Senate Democrats. (And then there was Pearce's tortured explanation to the ABQ newspaper on just where he stood on the shutdown. We covered that here.)

That double-talk strikes at the very heart of Pearce's image--as an authentic, straight shooting conservative you might not always agree with, but who always calls them as he sees them. It is the kind of inconsistency that makes for good negative TV ads.

The thinking has been that Lara may be in this for a "twofer." She runs respectable in the low turnout year of '14, but comes back in the higher turnout presidential year of 2016 to run again and take Pearce out.That path is still littered with obstacles but it seems less so in the wake of the DC dysfunction.

Pearce is like a wounded cowboy, shot in the arm and leaving drops of blood in the sand as he searches for help. Each day the shutdown continues, his wound grows deeper.


Paul Heh has  been described as the "hell-raiser" of Campaign '13 and today we hear the argument for supporting him as we wrap up our reader letters backing each of the three mayoral candidates. Here's reader Mathew Blanchfield:

...A lot of people have scoffed at the notion of Paul Heh as mayor, but who else is better qualified?...He knows better than the other two candidates what moves regular citizens because he is one and has served them as a police officer before the APD stigmatization. By being such an outspoken and aggressive candidate, and personally direct in his challenges to RJ Berry (whom he supported in '09), I'm persuaded that he will carry the same passion to city hall on behalf of all Albuquerqueans.

Of all the candidates, his ideas of using what we naturally have resonated the most. From our resources, our institutions, our geography, our history, and our citizens, only Mr. Heh says "we have it" instead of Mr. Berry's "we're gonna."

Mr. Heh represents what our system of democracy is all about: that our political process is not dependent on a candidate's resources but reliant on their passion and their ideas. Mr. Heh eclipses both the other candidates in both these regards. I and my family support and have voted for Mr. Heh. Maybe just this once we can be represented by somebody in city hall who not only knows what the rest of us are going through in this city but is not indebted to people who funded his campaign.

Here are the websites for Heh, Berry and Dinelli.

Here are the voting locations for Tuesday's election.

Here is the League of Women Voters in-depth guide to the election.


When photog Mark Bralley sent this pic of Governor Martinez we knew we had the makings of a good photo caption contest. Here are some of the witty entries, two of which win $25 prizes:

"Mmmm good. More of that Koch brothers Juice." Fred Gallegos 

"Mmmm, that's nice... I can't feel their pain..." Anonymous

"John Sanchez will never be Governor, not even for one day. Ha! " Anonymous

"Thank God for free shots under Obamacare! Paul Sandman

"Breaking Bad never felt so good" Ben Fletcher

"The Koch brothers told me when I get my shot I should think about how they shut down the government!" Karen Summers

“Okay. Legalize it.” Scortt Beckman

“If I get this shot, Jay (McCleskey) says I can go to dance practice!” Ed Lopez

"I love mainlining Koch, it gives me such a Rush."  Joe Craig

"After the sodium pentothal kicks in, we'll know the truth about the emails, the Koch brothers meeting, the racino, the behavioral audit---everything!" Alan Petit

"Get that camera out of here. I'm trying to catch a buzz." Jack Torres

"That feels good. No, it doesn't." (the truth serum is working!) Thumper Eaton

"Oh, so sweet. Another million from the Koch brothers, Jay, you are a godsend." Tony Griego

"I'm already ahead in my race for the White House against Hillary in 2016, and almost no Democrats even know I'm running." Dan Davis

"I smell alcohol from the swab--or is it those Koch brothers dollars that smell so good?" J.S.

Fun stuff. So who are the winners? Well, we laughed out loud at Joe Craig's double pun so he's in the winner's circle. And we liked the ironic note and topical tie-in struck by Paul Sandman about Obamacare so he's also a $25 winner.

Were you surprised by the many references readers made to the Koch brothers? That secret August meeting Susana had with the wealthy conservatives in Bernalillo really struck a nerve. Well, we hope it doesn't get under the Guv's skin. (Get it, she's getting a needle in the picture...Oh, never mind..)

See you on the radio today at 5 p.m.

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