Friday, February 28, 2014

R's Gather This Weekend To Pick Faves For Senate And ABQ House Contest, Plus: A Cop Talks COPS, And: Kenny, Bring In The Troops! 

State Republicans gather Saturday at the ABQ Marriott to name their favorite US Senate candidate, but the race between former NM GOP Chairman Allen Weh and Las Cruces attorney David Clements seems more like a rush to see who can be the first to face the firing squad. Democrat Tom Udall is heavily favored to secure a second term this November and there has been little if any national interest expressed in the contest. But that hasn't stopped the Weh-Clements face-off from getting quite nasty behind the scenes.

The key number at a preprimary convention such as Saturday's is 20 percent. That's the amount a candidate needs to win an official spot on the June primary ballot. If he or she doesn't reach that number they can still get on the ballot by filing additional petition signatures. However, since 20% is a low barrier, failure to get it has always spelled the demise of the contender who came up short. Weh is heavily favored but Clements should get to the magic number.. . . .

The other race that insiders will be watching at the GOP meet is between Richard Priem and Mike Frese. They are seeking the GOP nomination for the congressional seat held by Dem Michelle Lujan Grisham. Like Udall, she is heavily favored for re-election.


Paul Heh, the retired APD officer, who was one of Mayor Berry's two election opponents last year, writes of Berry's opposition to having the tabloid TV show COPS film episodes with the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department:

Joe--The folks from COPS were always very professional and respectful when I saw them film episodes with APD back in the 90s and early 2000s. To say anything less is simply uninformed.
Why on earth would we be ashamed to have our city services shown in full view? Because Mayor Berry and his Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry can't control them. That's why. . . .

Also, let's be real. Luring business here under false pretenses is despicable. What are we gonna say to the new family (if there were any moving here) when they get their house burglarized? Oh, you didn't know crime is through the roof? Oh, you didn't know APD is under a Dept. of Justice microscope? Oh, you didn't know the city is paying out millions in lawsuits? Oh, you didn't know the economy has tanked?  I thought this was the city of transparency not concealment. If the city was a person and they acted this way during an investigation, I'd have arrested them for concealing their identity!


Blogging New Mexico 
A reader writes of the inability of state House Democrats to win approval of a constitutional amendment to increase the minimum wage and the failure of some Republicans to cast votes on the measure:

Why did not Speaker Ken Martinez use his power to force a call of the House and have state troopers escort members into the House chambers and force them to vote for or against the minimum wage increase? Instead, he allowed a number of members to wait outside the door and skip the vote. Had he forced the Republicans to vote against the bill, that vote could have been used to hammer them in the general election. 

A number of Republicans in possible swing seats--including Reps Baldonado, Fajardo and Tripp--took a walk on the wage vote.

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