Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor 

What world is this fella talking about?:

We appreciated the opportunity to pitch Albuquerque to Tesla," said Gilbert Montano, the city's deputy chief administrative officer. "We wish them well with their future endeavors. We put together a world-class proposal and believe we're a world-class city.

A runaway freight train of a police department, a no-growth, jobless economy, a violent streak that would freak out Wyatt Earp and an education system that scares away anyone with the initials "CEO" in front of their name. And don't forget our lovely downtown and ever expanding SE Heights War Zone. That's "world-class?"  Sounds like City Hall is enjoying some "world-class" psychedelics. . .

You would need some mind-altering substance to find anything of much interest thus far in the 2014 Guv campaign. It's so colorless it would turn an LSD trip black and white. Here's journalist Sherry Robinson with the monochrome reality:

Instead of displaying any cleverness, the Martinez campaign is spending its cash on lackluster ads like the one where she claims she balanced the budget and "sold the state's luxury jet." The Legislature balances the budget, and sale of the jet had no practical impact on budget balancing. And she's still campaigning against former Gov. Bill Richardson, who wasn't running in 2010 when she first trotted out those slogans. He's still not running.  King's latest ad attempts to strum the heart strings with a reference to his well known parents before making a muddled attack on Martinez's education policies and the economy.

You want cleverness and imagination, Sherry? We've got some tickets to David Copperfield for you. We urge you to use them when the TV spots hit in which the candidates accuse each other of being overweight. . .


The NM Spaceport was another big economic development idea for the state and unlike Tesla it became reality. So far, it has not lived up to its promise but this Alligator has a reason not to give up on it:

Land Rover launched their new 2015 vehicle at the New Mexico Spaceport and they feature the Spaceport prominently in their advertising. This is the part of the value-added proposition of big ideas like the Spaceport. Folks need to keep this in mind as we look at economic development in the state of New Mexico. Big ideas like the Spaceport don’t always stand alone, they can spin off other ideas and projects that can bring attention to the state. The vast stretches of land around the Spaceport may seem desolate to some, but to others they speak of opportunity and that’s what New Mexico needs to capitalize on. Here’s the link to the ad.

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