Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor 

While the Democrats in Santa Fe play defense, the Governor's political machine continues its march in key swing districts.

Here's a slick flyer mailed out for ABQ GOP State Rep. Conrad James, whose election to his swing seat last year was key to the GOP's historic takeover of the House.

As blogged earlier in the week, Dem state Sen. John Sapien was targeted by the Guv's political arm recently, with canvassers going door-to-door to pressure him on the controversial right-to-work bill.

Democrats have done little since getting waxed at the polls in November. They have no infrastructure compared to the Governor's. For them 2016 seems a far away event, but for Martinez and company it's an advancing target. It's that attitude that has reshaped the state's political landscape.

Given the districts, a GOP takeover of the state Senate in '16 seems highly unlikely. But if Dems continue their laid back ways, who knows?


A pundit with time on his hands comes with a list of 11 Democrats who could "help themselves" by challenging Hillary Clinton for the '16 presidential nomination. On the list is none other than former NM Guv Bill Richardson who once ran for the top job:

The former New Mexico governor "is Hispanic, the Clintons already hate him because he went with Obama in 2008, and he likes the limelight," says the Republican strategist. "What does he have to lose?"

Well, he does have a lot of leftover bumper stickers.

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