Tuesday, February 09, 2016

It's Hard Being A Republican; Rio Rancho Reverses On Street Bonds, Plus: California Street And The State Economy 

Mayor Hull
Republican Rio Rancho Mayor Greg Hull has pulled a major flip-flop and backed down form his initial support of a $9 million bond issue to improve Rio Rancho roads that will be voted on March 1. On our January 8 blog we expressed surprise and support over Hull's backing of the bond issue which would mean a slight increase in property taxes. We picked up his quote to the Rio Rancho paper which said:

"These roads aren't getting better and they're not getting cheaper. We need to protect our business locations and property values by investing in infrastructure,"

The headline in the business paper said:

Rio Rancho mayor makes the case to the biz community for a tax increase

We wondered then if the GOP would kick Hull out because of such heresy? Well, it appears Hull did indeed get scared and backed down. Now look what he is saying about the bond issue:

Councilors were split 3-3 on the proposal to put the road bond question on the ballot, with Mayor Gregg Hull voting in favor of the measure to break the tie. “It’s not where I stand on the road bond, but getting the (question) out to the voters so they can make an informed decision,” Hull said. “The tie I broke was to send it to the voters. As a community, we need to explore every option on how we’re going to repair our infrastructure.”

For a fleeting moment we thought we spotted a Republican Mayor with some huevos who would stand up for his city and we praised Hull for his common sense. But by backing down Hull has shown the worst instincts of today's Republican Party--an inflexible, ideologically driven agenda that refuses to change course even when confronted with facts and circumstances that contradict their position--like the need to repair crumbling roads in Rio Rancho.

Mayor Hull, for your squeamish flip-flop, you've just suffered an Alligator strike. You are so busted.


Reader Vicki Farrar writes:

Great News, 'Burque! Liberals can rejoice again because we have a new place and time for us to Drink Liberally" again. Its been more than 5 years since Albuquerque Liberals had an active Chapter. Now, due to popular demand, we will have an Albuquerque Chapter at the wonderful Northeast Heights location of O'Neills on Juan Tabo between Candelaria and Comanche! Find us on the heated indoor patio. Come to our first meeting at 6 PM Wednesday, February 10th and get a chance to win a free Drinking Liberally T-shirt. Come hoist a glass for democracy!


Abandoned Smith's
Socorro resident Mary Garcia sends this pic of the abandoned Smith's grocery store on California Street and adds:

California Street is a testament to the fact that New Mexico is last in the nation for unemployment and the recession we have in this state- many empty buildings, closed businesses and restaurants.

And ABQ reader Jason Libersky writes:

One benefit to living in a state/city with no economy and a semi-major airport is I just left my house at 2:00 for a 3:00 flight, parked (in the parking structure), got through security, grabbed a coffee, and am sitting here at the gate by 2:15. I suppose, at this point, you just have focus on the positives of living in an economic ghost town.

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