Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Takes A Dunk But Anger Of '16 Keeps Him Ticking, Plus: More Ivory Tower Action At UNM: VP Harris Storms Out Of TV Interview Over Big Restaurant Tabs 

"It's the economy, stupid" was the 1992 campaign theme. This year? "It's the anger, stupid!" How else to explain the staying power of Donald Trump who does that Timex watch thing and just keeps on ticking, even after being water boarded by his own hand as often occurred at last night's 98 minute mutual character assassination bout, otherwise known as the first 2016 presidential debate.

Hillary let Trump bury himself, but did he? Probably not. His seemingly authentic anger is echoing across the swing states of America where the raw deal long ago replaced the new deal and where the middle class martini has been replaced by the heroin needle.

People want heir voices validated. They want to be heard. And that's why Hillary Clinton has been unable to completely put this game away. She hears them but he feels them. The debate will go on, despite Trump losing by every conceivable conventional measure last night. These are indeed unconventional times.

We turn to Republican turned Democrat and former ABQ City Councilor Greg Payne for the essence of the showdown:

Clinton prepped for the debate. Trump didn’t. It showed. The question is, what does it mean for the polls? Clinton probably stopped the political momentum Trump has enjoyed since her fainting episode on 9/11. But Barack Obama had a bad first debate against Mitt Romney in 2012 and bounced back. Can Trump do the same? With all the twists and turns this race has had so far, neither campaign should operate under the delusion that the debate finished the race for either candidate.

As for New Mexico, it is colored blue by nearly all the pundits. The Journal will come with a post debate presidential poll this Sunday.


There's plenty happening at the University of New Mexico that would give Donald Trump much to rail about. The tone deafness at the Harvard on the Rio Grande seems to have no limits. The latest. . .

You may have thought the arrogance and self-entitlement among the top echelon at the University of New Mexico peaked last week with the creation of a $350,000 job for outgoing UNM President Bob Frank, but you would be wrong. Despite facing millions in budget cuts, UNM's leadership continues to flip the bird at the taxpaying public.

Take a look. . .

David Harris, the  $307,000 a year UNM executive vice-president, walks out of a TV news interview when he is questioned about a $1,300 donor dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada that included Harris and Gov. Martinez. It was hosted by UNM athletic director Paul Krebs and Harris signed off on it. Harris haughtily declared questions about that taxpayer funded Vegas soirée as "out of bounds" and stormed out of the interview. All of this is shown on TV news with the elderly Harris appearing oblivious to the damage he was doing.

In his interview, granted only after Harris blew up, Krebs, who makes $319,000 a year, is almost equally as arrogant as Harris in defending his bloated expense account for donor dinners. UNM spends more on them than all but one other school in the Mountain West Conference. Never mind that his department is running a deficit of $1.7 million. Just pass the prime rib, please.

The stonewalling of Harris and Krebs really cues up the ball for the legislature to slash and burn the UNM budget. The complete disconnect between what is happening to this state's economy and citizens and the attitudes of Harris and Krebs is stunning. But add it to the pile. The phony Frank job, the electric company wanting a 14 percent rate increase and the mayor of ABQ handing out double digit salary increases to his inner circle are just a few examples of why Donald Trump's bashing of the political elites resonates so loudly.

It's supposed to be public service but for Krebs and Harris et al. it has become a giant feed bag.

A reader piles on:

Joe, You called it correctly. Harris has become one of the most powerful persons in state government. His service(s) in Santa Fe to previous administrations and for the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC),  combined with his sinecure at UNM, has cemented his position as untouchable. Who else will the UNM Regents turn to for advice at this point but David? And who do the politicians turn to for advice on where the bodies are buried? Obviously, I'm concerned.

And ABQ Dem State Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino wrote this to a constituent about the new Frank job:

Unfortunately, this is but the most recent example of the disdain with which the UNM Regents, Administration and I have to say, Governor Martinez, treat the taxpayers of this state. These are not supposed to be lifetime sinecures. But the Martinez-appointed Regents, who would not take such a step without the Governor's blessing, act in total disregard for the fiscal realities facing UNM--and the entire state. Brutal! 


The news:

ABQ Mayor Richard Berry spoke at the Domenici Public Policy Conference in Las Cruces about restoring public trust in law enforcement, and the efforts his city has taken in that direction.

Hmm. Isn't that kind of like  Dianna Duran and Phil Griego giving a joint speech on ethics?

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