Monday, September 12, 2005

Rage On Left & Right: Mayor Marty's Foes Scored For Meekness; Plus: Marty's Big Money March; Is The Deal Sealed? All The Action On Your Monday Blog 

ABQ Mayor Marty
ABQ's left-of-center politicos are losing patience, and fast. With the October 4 mayoral election just three weeks away, they are venting their rage over the lack of a coherent opposition campaign to incumbent Mayor Marty who polls at the magic number of 40 per cent and is ready to seal the deal unless the opponents get busy in a big way.

Take a peek at this blast from Tim McGivern of the Weekly Alibi, the paper of choice for center city liberals. He even rips his own readers, telling them to realize that Westside voters don't want to hear about planned growth strategies and other niceties. "These residents are concerned about traffic" frets McGivern as he sees Marty hold steady and his favorite, City Councilor Eric Griego, yet to make a major move. And then there's longtime liberal columnist and former UNM professor Hal Rhodes, resurfacing with gusto in the pages of the liberal Crosswinds Weekly. He too lambastes Marty, but throws in the towel in frustration over the lack of effective opposition.

While the left is having problems getting out the anti-Marty message, it's not much better in the camp of R Brad Winter where the lack of money is hampering his effort. The latest finance reports released Friday show the city council prez has raised a measly $127,000 compared to Marty's nearly $1 million. (Read more of my analysis on the spending in this Erik Siemers piece in the ABQ Trib.)


With all this turmoil as a backdrop, let's go to the Alligators who are always ready to stir the waters.

"(GOP chair) Allen Weh got Winter in this thing, but he has not delivered. How can a party that raises millions nationally, not come up with a couple of hundred thousand for this campaign? And what is Brad personally doing to get the dough?" Vented one angry R.

Winter signed on two highly touted fundraisers who have worked for Senator Pete but their efforts are now drawing fire. "It's easy to raise money for Pete, but this is the real deal, and they are not delivering," scowled one R officeholder who laughed in derision over a Winter fundraising invitation calling for a $125.00 donation. "It's a joke. You need contributions of at least a grand. Brad's poll numbers are apparently not enough to get Pete to pull the money trigger," summed up our tapped in R speaking on the deepest of background.

Meanwhile, Marty has booked massive amounts of TV for the final days, but with no well-financed attacks he is more than prepared.


So is this race over? No, but the window of opportunity is starting to close. Brad could still make a strong, late close among the R's and hold Marty to 39.9%, forcing a run-off where all bets would be off. But he needs the national party or some big money angels to come with the cash. Eric is finding his footing and could take second place if Winter falters, but that could put Marty over 40% because it could mean the R's abandoned Winter and went to the mayor. Right now the smart money is still on the man with the money, Mayor Marty, and that is not going to change until the opponents realize that the power and glory of La Politica is not handed to you; it must be fought for.


Back on the trail, ABQ cops got back in the political game and ended up with egg on their faces. All hell broke loose when the executive board of the ABQ Police Officers Association (APOA) decided to endorse Mayor Marty in a quickly arranged meeting. Trouble is they never asked the several hundred members if they agreed. Now they are being threatened with lawsuits and general turmoil. One observer snipes: "Maybe they would be better off asking for an independent investigation into the corruption in the APD evidence room, but that's not as fun as playing politics." Ouch!


They love to take pokes at the politicos. Let me share one with you from a sharp-tongued blog reader commenting on the mayoral derby.

"I see the candidates this way: One is corrupt. One is politically anemic. One is politically immature. One is broke. Whoever accurately matches them, receives an all-expense-paid trip to New Orleans."

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