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The Man Nobody Owns And No One Knows: Congress Candidate Ron Dolin Faces The Headwinds His Way; Plus: Hungry? Enter The Blog Photo Contest 

Ron Dolin
You probably haven't heard of Ron Dolin. But it's not because he doesn't have plenty to say. And what the GOP challenger to incumbent Dem northern NM Congressman Tom Udall is saying is anything but party boilerplate. Dolin is New Mexico's version of Ross Perot--minus the money. He is the anti-candidate, with no polls, focus groups or huge money. Take his position against the Iraq war. Dolin emails in that he gets "zero support" from the state and national GOP. With his position against the Iraq war, that's no surprise.

"I was invited to an event in northeastern NM where I was asked about Iraq. I knew the answer the ultra-conservative audience wanted to hear. Call it a naive miscalculation, but rather then tell them what they wanted to hear, I told them what I truly believed; namely, that while attacking Afghanistan was an appropriate response to 9/11, invading Iraq was a mistake. No one attending this event signed my nominating petition."

Obviously, Dolin, Los Alamos Labs' coordinator for Homeland Security programs and equipped with a Ph.D in mechanical engineering, is not expecting any helpful phone calls from Karl Rove or NM GOP Chair Weh.

The hopeful, 46, says he will not get personal with Udall, who is expected to again win big in the liberal north, but he does score the incumbent with a refrain heard in the past.

"Congressman Udall seems absent and disengaged from the decisions and debates impacting the lives and futures of all Americans and I believe we deserve better."

Udall backers point to his recent passage of a bill protecting the Valle Vidal--Valley of Life--from oil drilling, hardly a sign, they say, that he is "disengaged."


It isn't only Udall that Dolin takes on at his comprehensive, self-authored Web site. It's both political parties.

"When I watch the current Congress and I am not inspired by either the Democrats or Republicans. They both seem out of touch. Democrats during this administration behave like Republicans did during Clinton's. In the end, all Congress seems to do is point fingers at each other and blame all the problems on the other party." Declares Dolin.

And here's one that's not going to make Dolin any friends with the powers-that-be on either side of the aisle: "I believe we should replace the House Ethics Committee with an external citizen review panel." He proposes.

Dolin may not do focus groups or polls, but he reflects the thinking of the disaffected of both major parties and nonvoters when he states: "I intend to legislate in a nonpartisan manner putting the needs of my constituents first, the needs of America second, and my party's best interests third."

Well, maybe America needs to be first on that list, Ron.

Like Perot, Dolin has all the markings of a third party candidate, but he's the GOP standard bearer. Judging by his campaign kitty--he has just $7,000 in the bank--his fellow R's are not yet oozing with enthusiasm for the tell-it-like-I think-it-is political newcomer, but the broader electorate might perk their ears up--if they ever get to hear him.


They wear funny hats, kiss babies with lots of germs and shake hands with characters who later turn up in the pokey. Yes, being a favorite of the photogs can be hazardous work for our politicos. Which leads us the Las Cruces Sun-News photo of Big Bill pictured to the left.

Just what is the Guv thinking here? He wears a satisfied smile, while sporting a hair net and sticking his hand deeply into a batch of pecans. You tell us. Write a caption, email it in and if it's in the top two, you get a free lunch on the blog.

We promise that pecans will not be on the menu, but conversation of La Politica definitely will. Get those entries in now.


With the campaigns about to enter high gear, I have posted a permanent link to Real Clear Politics at the top of the site so you can quickly reference the latest breaking national political news and polls. Like ours, it is non-partisan and I hope you find it useful...Reacting to our Monday blog on the wages to be paid to most Eclipse Aviation workers in ABQ, ex-ABQ GOP State Rep. Rory Ogle chimes in: "Joe, you know that the only way to get higher paying wages in NM is to have worked on the Gov's staff. Then you can get whatever you want for life."

OK, Rory. But how many years does working on the Guv's staff take off of your life?

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