Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Latest From The Prez Trail: Bill's Better Half Explains Her Role, Plus: Ex-NM AG Stratton Gone But Not Forgotten, And: Some Wednesday Bottom Lines 

No one will accuse Barbara Richardson of being the power behind the throne, and that's just the way she likes it. The wife of Big Bill, in a rare media interview, was pressed on why she is not as active on the campaign trail as the spouses of the other Prez candidates.

"Do I sit in on his meetings? No, nor do I care to. I would feel free to tell him what I thought of an issue, but in terms of day-to-day advice, I don't. He's not even around day-to-day. He isn't. He goes out for eight to 10 days at a time. He comes back for a day of rest. The last thing he wants is me yammering on about an issue...I'll never be as outspoken as some other candidates' wives because they're more comfortable at it," she said. "They have that comfort level."

Scrutiny is intensifying on all the candidates now that we have passed Labor Day, the unofficial start of the Prez nominating process. The Iowa caucus are now just about four months away--on January 14th. Well, they are if the Democrats can get a grip and end all the infighting about having states going even earlier. The process of running for Prez is humiliating enough without having Big Bill dressed up in a Santa suit pressing the flesh in some godforsaken outpost.


Speaking of God, on Monday Bill said the Lord has mandated that Iowa be the first Democratic presidential voting state. The Guv explained that it was "an off the cuff" remark. Of course it was. Everyone knows Bill only talks to God when the Legislature is in session.


Don't look for the Guv to invoke his Hispanic heritage anymore than he already has.

"I don't like to be typecast. I'm very proud to be Hispanic, but if I used my mother's maiden name (Lopez-Collada), you know it would be so obvious that I'm trying to just do it for votes,'' he said. ``I'm after everybody, not just Hispanics.''

There are not that many voting Hispanics in the critical early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.


It looks as if former NM Attorney General Hal Stratton left his post as head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission just in time. The New York Times is the latest media outlet to investigate the federal agency and found it wanting. Stratton, a former ABQ GOP State Rep, takes some unpleasant hits for his stewardship of what the Times said has become a woefully underfunded agency and one that despite its name often advocates more for big business than consumers. Stratton left the agency in July 2006 to go into private law.


Defending GOP Idaho Senator Larry Craig of restroom fame? NM GOP Senator Pete Domenici, raised the eyebrows when just before Craig resigned he urged there be no "rush to judgment." Some of the Alligators speculated that because Pete faces a possible Senate ethics probe over his behavior in the US attorney scandal and doesn't want his colleagues to "rush to judgment" in that deal, he came with the soft response on Craig. Whatever the reason, the comment made Pete look like he has a tin ear, and in need of some top-level strategists for the campaign ahead. Meantime, Senator Craig stirred the late night hours Tuesday by threatening to stay in the Senate. Is that his final "stance?"


The switch of the calendar to September finds us preparing for our next Election Night broadcast. Per tradition, it will be on KANW 89.1 FM where we have called them all since '88. The election falls on October 2nd, so we'll have our pre-game show to analyze the races on October 1. Dem State Rep. Al Park will join us as he did last November when we had the exciting all-nighter of Heather vs. Patsy. We'll have more news for you on this as we get closer....Speaking of Park, R sources are saying they have come up with a candidate to take him on next year. I'll try to get a name for you. Whoever it is will need a lot of money to make a serious play. Park collected $150,000 for a run at attorney general, most of which is still sitting in his campaign kitty...

We have a sponsorship available for Election Night on public radio. If you're interested, drop us an e-mail. And drop by here anytime for the latest from the wonderful world of La Politica.

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