Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crunch Time Coming For Guv As Iowa Goes Early, Plus: Our Candidate Watch, And: US Senator: Looking The Part; Our Photo Analysis On Your Tuesday Blog 

Crunch time for Big Bill appears to be coming sooner rather than later. The decision to move the Iowa Presidential Caucus from January 14 to January 3 will rob the long shot hopeful of crucial days to make his case, time he seems to need as a summer long anti-war offensive has failed to propel his campaign and rumors of a possible US Senate candidacy contribute to a malaise that is keeping the NM Governor from moving ahead. The influential insider publication National Journal Monday summed up Bill's problems this way:

"The polls show Richardson holds steady in Iowa, which seems to be his lone shot at this thing. But the rumor that he's going to eventually quit the race to pursue a Senate seat may eventually take its toll (it already has on the buzz front.) The issue we have with Richardson is that he's a terrible liberal. It's not in the guys DNA. He's trying to become the anti-war candidate but doesn't seem like a credible messenger."

For those who have followed Richardson's career, that's pretty insightful stuff. He has made it a point to carve out a centrist reputation. It has always been where he is most comfortable and he seems less authentic when he steers from that course.

In New Hampshire Monday, Dem Dennis Kucinich, who has been characterized as a fringe candidate but who has a longstanding and strong identity as an anti-war liberal, was trumpeting his showing in the latest Rasmussen Poll. He scores 7% support, the same as Big Bill who has raised millions more than US Rep. Kucinich but who has now said goodbye to double digits in all early state Prez polls. The New Hampshire primary is now expected to come January 8, just five days after Iowa.

The die is cast. Big Bill must somehow ignite anti-war passions among Iowa and New Hampshire Democrats if he is to have a chance of breaking through, or the front runners must make the big mistake. As long as neither of those circumstances is occurring, the Senate buzz around the Governor will only grow louder.


You think they would be swarming, but a full two weeks after GOP US Rep. Steve Pearce announced he would vacate his southern congressional seat to run for the US Senate, not one R has officially announced their candidacy to replace him. This, even though the seat has belonged to the R's since 1980. Insiders say restaurant chain owner Ed Tinsley is quietly making preparations for a run and that Earl Greer of T or C is possible. But the lack of a group of heavyweights already out campaigning for the seat is disturbing to R's who worry that the Dems may finally get their shot next year.

Tinsley can self-finance his campaign and that makes him a likely front runner or maybe a lone runner. R's ought to hire a doctor to watch over Ed because if something happens to him we may have to start a "draft somebody" movement down there. Can you believe it?


Don't underestimate the Max Factor factor in Campaign '08. That applies especially to the race for US Senate where GOP US Reps Steve Pearce and Heather Wilson are hoping to graduate from the "House of the People" to the "World's Most Exclusive Club" where you are one of a special 100.

Photog Mark Bralley has sent back from the trail fresh pics of our R Senate competitors that speak to the higher status both seek. Click on them to enlarge and read on for our "fashionable" analysis.

Pearce, who you usually see in a starched white shirt and dark blazer or suit, sports a more relaxed and colorful look in this shot taken over the weekend at a gathering of Republican women. Pearce has been criticized as a colorless personality who can remind you of a mean uncle. But with the light gray blazer and friendly orange shirt and tie, Pearce becomes nice Uncle Steve. Not everyone will like the color palette (too much orange) but it's a start. In this pic with the new duds, his David Letterman gap-toothed smile emanates approachability, not the remoteness that one often perceives from Pearce.

There will be plenty of time for the white shirts and boring ties. Pearce's bald pate gives him more than enough senatorial seriousness. He needs a more friendly and accessible look. He has it here. Was it planned or unplanned?


This shot of Heather, which we ran when she announced, is also a keeper. Dowdy Heather has been banished as she steps up her look for a US Senate climb. The sky blue suit is a good color for her and she is definitely looking more Nordstrom's than Dillard's as she grabs for the brass ring. The lapis colored earrings set off a spark of femininity without compromising authority. The make-up is camera ready and has a richer look.

Heather also has taken the de rigueur American flag lapel pin up a notch. This one is composed of diamonds and ruby colored stones. Are they real? No matter. With her assured smile and freshly prepped hair, we're definitely ready for lunch with Senator Clinton. Now wouldn't that make for a picture?


Maybe we were foggy, but Monday we confessed to being confused about how GOP State Rep. W.C. "Dub" Williams acquired his nickname. Thanks to reader Amy Horowitz, among others, we were pointed in the right direction. "He's W.C. Williams as in "Dub-ul-yew C." Dub, for short." explained Amy. Of course, President Bush is sometimes nicknamed "Dubya" after his middle initial "W."

A member of the NM Legislature also emailed in with the explanation but demanded a bowl of free chicharrones in return for the help. Some things never change...

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