Wednesday, December 26, 2007

300 NM "Road Runners" Head To Iowa In Last Push For Bill, Plus: The Guv & His Blackberry; Is Anyone Safe? 

If Big Bill's last ditch effort to pull out a third place finish in the Iowa caucuses comes up short, it won't be for lack of trying. Starting today some 300 New Mexicans will trek to Iowa to give the Guv a final push for the January 3rd caucuses which will make or break the nearly year old Richardson presidential bid. State veterans chief John Garcia and state higher education secretary Reed Dasenbrock have already been camping out in the Hawkeye state. As we told you last week, they will be now be joined by ABQ Dem State Rep. Ernie Chavez as well as a number of nicely paid, high-level state bureaucrats who answered their chief's call for help. The volunteers, dubbed by the campaign as "Road Runners" will be assigned a variety of tasks, maybe even cleaning up campaign headquarters. That's what happened to some Southern California volunteers who showed up at Bill's Des Moines doorstep on Christmas Eve.

Richardson is stuck in the 7% range in the polls and a fourth place finish is likely. His campaign and that of the other second tier candidates have struggled to gain media attention as Hilary and Obama dominate with Edwards also an Iowa force. The Guv did get a good Christmas Day write-up in the Des Moines Register which pointed out he has been making three or four campaign stops a day, keeping his promise to outwork every other candidate. Also, the Washington Post reported the National Rifle Association will put up an Iowa TV ad supporting the Richardson effort.


All of his out of state work has some New Mexicans grumbling that Bill should not get paid his Guv salary while he is out politicking. But that same Des Moines Register article talks about how Richardson uses his Blackberry to keep in touch with Chief of Staff James Jimenez who presents him with policy options to which the Guv texts his answers.

It raises the question of who let Bill Richardson have a Blackberry? Isn't that like giving a cocaine addict a pound of the stuff? Can you imagine being on the peripatetic Governor's Blackberry list? With Big Bill on the loose with his Crackberry, I wonder if Jimenez had a chance to eat his Christmas dinner in peace.

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