Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hillary In ABQ Draws 3000; Big Bill To Watch Super Bowl With Bill Clinton, Also: Obama Video; Michelle Obama To Cruces; NMSU Students Do Prez Poll 

Hillary at Highland High
The political news is fast breaking and never ending in this historic election year. Hillary Clinton drew what the AP called "a rowdy crowd" of 3,000 to ABQ's Highland High School Saturday night and not everyone could get in. Here is video of Hill's ABQ appearance. Her visit follows on the heels of the Obama visit which took place at the Kiva Auditorium Friday in ABQ. Here is video of the Obama appearance. The NM Dem caucus is Tuesday. Voter info is here.

KKOB-AM reporter Peter St. Cyr was on the scene.

" More than 3,000 people patiently waited at Highland High for the candidate who appeared over an hour late. Former San Antonio Mayor and Clinton cabinet secretary Henry Cisneros warmed up the crowd. They were delighted when Chelsea Clinton appeared on stage with her mother. Moments after beginning her speech, a woman fainted on stage, but was fine after having a bottle of water. At least two of the state's "Super Delegates" were on stage with Clinton, Lt. Governor Diane Denish and Mayor Martin Chavez. Clinton asked the crowd for their support. She said "if you are ready for change, I'm ready to lead, so let's go make history together. "

Obama drew over 5,500 to his Santa Fe visit Friday night. And a similar number in Albuquerque.

Senator Obama's wife, Michelle, will campaign in Las Cruces Monday night. Details from the Las Cruces Sun-News.

There is no professional polling on the Dem NM Prez race, but a New Mexico State University class conducted a survey January 22 thru Janury 31 that gave Obama a six point lead over Hillary--48% to 42%, but the question lingered whether it had more enertainment than scientific value. You can download it here. Most of the professionals still think she has an edge going into Tuesday's balloting. We'll know soon enough.

The big Dem crowds for Obama and Hillary could presage a large turnout for Tuesday.


CNN reports Governor Richardson will watch the Super Bowl with former President Bill Clinton in Red River in northern NM. Richardson has not endorsed a Dem presidential candidate, but watching the big game with the ex-Prez might be a clue on who he backs. Don't you think? Insiders are saying that Richardson is not going to give a formal endorsement of

Stay tuned here through the weekend. We'll have the latest.

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