Friday, April 04, 2008

Carville's Gift: The Resurrection Of Big Bill; Endorsement Wrangle Keeps Guv On National Stage, Plus: Di Attacks Mac 

Bill Richardson ought to send James Carville an autographed copy of his book, some season tickets to the Lobo games and some of those Cuban cigars he probably has stashed away in a secret Roundhouse cubby hole. It's the least Big Bill can do for the acerbic, if entertaining, political consultant. His charge that Richardson is a "Judas" for endorsing Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton gave the New Mexico governor yet another unanticipated day in the national spotlight. What was supposed to be an Easter weekend romance between Barack and Bill has turned into a long term affair and it's hard to see how Richardson doesn't benefit with the guy who appears to be the next Democratic presidential nominee.

Thursday the headlines blared again from the Drudge Report and other popular Internet sites as Hillary responded to questions about an ABC News Wednesday report that she had told Richardson that Obama could not win the presidency and that's why Bill should endorse her. It was the latest chapter in a story that was supposed to die on the day the Resurrection is celebrated. Instead, it may have resurrected Richardson's ailing national political career--a career foundering mightily after dismal presidential primary showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Clintons can't stand Bill now, but the Obamaites have a new hero, thanks to the drunk punches being thrown at Richardson by Carville and ex-President Bill. The irony is really quite delicious. Richardson is proving his loyalty to Obama by his "disloyalty" to the Clintons. The set up for Richardson is so good, you wonder if he is actually in cahoots with Carville. Maybe those Lobo tickets and Cuban cigars went out in the Easter mail.


While Big Bill was playing Happy Warrior for Obama, the state's #2, Lady Di, decided to try to make a splash of her own by taking on presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain. The national meeting of the GOP chairmen at the Hyatt Tamaya gave her a good excuse. So did McCain's decision to air his first TV spots in our Enchanted Land. Here she goes:

"Voting records don't lie. While continuing his support for a costly war, John McCain has voted against White Sands Missile Range and the Holloman, Kirtland and Cannon Air Force Bases. Those installations represent security and jobs for New Mexicans--jobs that I've worked hard to preserve as chair of the Military Base Planning Commission."

Di didn't mention how McCain stood on those cutbacks at Los Alamos Labs, cutbacks that have cost hundreds of high-paying jobs. It might be a touchy subject, given how the leader of the NM Dems '08 ticket--US Senate candidate Tom Udall--is being scored by the R's for enabling the Los Alamos slashing.

The Denish news conference had one element of awkwardness. She is the chair of the Clinton campaign in NM, but Obama is heading toward the nomination. Obamaite and ABQ State Rep. Al Park was called in to make it all seem like all for one and one for all when it comes to the Dems and McCain. She also refrained from bashing Big Bill's support of Obama when given a chance to by KKOB-AM radio reporter Peter St. Cyr. He provides full tape of the event here.

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