Friday, August 01, 2008

Pearce's Good News: A Better Poll & Senator Pete Weighs In, Plus: Clippings From My Newsroom Floor: At The Movies & At An Old Haunt 

Pete & Pearce
July was a pretty lousy month for GOP US Senate candidate Steve Pearce--until the very end. On Thursday Zogby came with an on-line poll that showed Pearce trailing Dem Tom Udall by eight points, not 25 points as he does in the latest Rasmussen. On Wednesday, insiders tell us, Senator Pete Domenici hosted a Washington D.C. fundraiser for Pearce who hopes to replace Pete.

Domenici is also coming with a sorely needed fund-raising letter for Pearce. (Posted below.)

As for that poll, it was taken on the Web from June 11-30 and is going to be shot down as unreliable by those who like their polling done in a more scientific fashion. But take your grain of salt and take a look at what Zogby says:

Independent, moderate and Hispanic voters are putting Democrat Tom Udall in position to take the seat being vacated by Republican Pete Domenici. Udall leads Republican Steve Pearce, 49%-41%.

Moderates favor Udall by more than 2-to-1, while Independents give him a 10% lead. Udall nearly doubles Pearce’s support among Hispanics. The two are even among men, but Udall holds a solid lead among women. Pearce’s strengths are with traditional GOP voters: regular church goers and gun owners. The survey included 464 likely voters in New Mexico and carries a margin of error of +/- 4.6 percentage points.

Steve is going to hold tight to any survey that shows Tom below the magic 50% mark. You can imagine his knuckles turning white as he handles this one. His campaign touted the numbers, saying. "New Mexicans are finding out about the real Tom Udall." It's "Tom and the hysterical environmentalists" who are standing in the way of progress, argued Pearce.

After the campaign is over, will someone start a punk-rock group called "Tom & The Hystericals?"


And here's some light summer reading from Senator Pete, as he makes a mail pitch for Pearce (Click image for entire letter).

His record of being careful with your tax dollars will match up well against his opponent who likes to spend your tax dollars and advocates a very liberal philosophy that is far different from yours or mine. Pearce will stand up to the liberals and: Hold the line against taxes, work to create job opportunities in New Mexico, stand up to liberal, activist judges and support our troops.


Here's that negative hit ad on Pearce that hit ABQ this week and comes form the third party group--Patriot Majority West. We blogged it was about military issues, but that was from a glance on the air. The ad actually attacks Pearce for giving tax breaks to Big Oil and not being friendly enough towards renewable energy


One of our movie-going Gators checks in with a review of the just released and New Mexico filmed "Swing Vote."

Thanks to Governor Richardson and the State Investment Office, the Land of Enchantment has once again been invaded by Hollywood. “Swing Vote” stars Kevin Costner as the hapless “swing” voter “Bud" and the precocious Madeline Carroll as his idealistic daughter “Molly.”

This improbable fable confirms New Mexico’s very real status as a presidential “Purple” state. The film’s premise, a voting machine snafu that results in Bud (Costner) being wooed by both the Democratic Party challenger (Dennis Hopper) and incumbent GOP President (Kelsey Grammer) for New Mexico’s five Electoral votes is truly laughable.

Filmed in downtown Belen and in gated Santa Fe, this pleasing effort wants to be the new “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, but alas, it is not! I’d give this flick, 2.5 stars out of 4.

Thanks movie going Gator. Here's the trailer.


From the movies to a food remembrance as we head for another summer weekend. This missive on the closing of the Bennigan's restaurant chain comes from top NM lobbyist Scott Scanland:

Bennigan’s near Coronado Center in ABQ was the haunt of many years for veteran lobbyist Julie Golden and PR man Mickey Toppino. Any politician or young lobbyist wishing to meet Julie would be guided to the Pac Man machine in the bar where he and Mickey would be playing. A haze of smoke from Julies’s Benson & Hedges 100’s encircled the duo as people had to wait until the last little man was dead before the deals of La Politica were cut. Many were.

And so it goes.

E-mail your news, comments, reminiscences and reviews. I'm Joe Monahan, reporting to you from Albuquerque, NM.

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