Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Eventful And Chaotic Political Week Underway; Hurricane Woes; McCain to NM Saturday, Plus: Cheney For Tinsley 

Another eventful and chaotic political week is underway in the nation and New Mexico this Labor Day 2008, with the Minnesota GOP national convention blown off course by Hurricane Gustav and our state preparing to welcome McCain to ABQ and dry land shortly after he becomes the official prez nominee of the GOP. TV news is also reporting that Michelle Obama will visit NM Thursday, which retains its swing state status despite Obama's post-convention polling bump. McCain will be at the ABQ Convention Center Saturday at 6 p.m. to bask in the post-convention glow. That is, if there is any as we all brace ourselves for what is to come in the South.

New Mexico's delegation to the national confab was arriving in the Twin Cities Sunday. Much of the talk was about the hurricane cancelling events at the confab, but three was also buzz about McCain's new running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and how she will play in these parts.

Insiders were betting that Palin could be a nice draw for McCain in the most conservative NM counties--Otero and Chaves, for example--because of her ties to the Evangelical community and her ardent abortion opposition.

But will she help beyond those bedrock conservators? Probably not. By mid-October the average voter will probably barely notice Palin or Dem veep nominee Joe Biden.


Our informed reliables confirm that VP Dick Cheney will host a fund-raiser for GOP southern NM congressional candidate Ed Tinsley. Hobbs is a possible location, but no final word yet.


Former GOP Governor Gary Johnson will be one of the featured speakers at the "Rally for the Republic" to be held by supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul in conjunction with the national GOP convention. Paul, an outsider, sought the GOP nomination on a largely libertarian platform. He was not without support, raising significant money. He scored 14% of the NM June GOP primary toe, even though McCain had long since locked up the nomination. As for Johnson, who will go down in history for his calls for drug legalisation, was never comfortable with the GOP, using it to secure the governorship for eight years, but leading with a decidedly independent and libertarian bent. He now lives in Taos.
Could he make a political comeback here if he wanted to? It's unlikely. In the long run, his drug position did not sell with most of the GOP, and third party candidacies are notoriously difficult to launch.


From the Steve Pearce Senae campaign Monday morning:

This morning, Melvin Pearce, father of Congressman Steve Pearce, passed away in Temple, TX at the age of 86. Congressman Pearce has cancelled his appearances at all public events for Monday. Details on the service are pending.

It's never a dull moment for controversial Roswell are State Sen. "Lightning Rod" Adair. Here's the latest from the Roswell Daily Record:

Apparently unaware of the boundaries of his own district, state Sen. Rod Adair cast an illegal vote during the 2008 Pecos Valley Artesian Conservancy District election which ended in a tie, according to documents obtained by the Daily Record from the Chaves County clerk's office.


The political intelligentsia will be keeping tabs on this story. They usually do when the initials--FBI--pop up. And they have. The investigation is into a state transport contract. Big Bill's fundraising is mentioned as a point of interest.


Noted without a hint of irony in the Roswell Daily Record

Inside the old Cover Up Cafe building, Chaves County Republican Party Chairman Will Cavin noted the location's visibility, adding "The ultimate goal of opening up a headquarters is to get all our candidates elected in November."

That's the most visible Cover-Up any of us will ever see.

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