Sunday, September 07, 2008

Saturday Night Fever: Sassy Sarah In The House; Alaskan Heats Up The Desert; Rocks ABQ Crowd With Newfound Star Power 

Whatever "it" is, Sarah Palin's got it. The fresh GOP VP nominee and Alaska governor showed her stuff to an adoring crowd of over 6,000 at the ABQ Convention Center Saturday night. And if her newfound star power wasn't enough, the McCain campaign trotted out superstar actor Robert Duvall to double the pleasure of the Republican faithful. It was an unmistakable case of Saturday Night Fever and the McCain camp, struggling to get a handle on Battleground New Mexico, had to be pleased, even if some of the crowd was asking, "John Who?" ((Video)(AP coverage)

Dems organized a well-covered protest--a tradition at these events for both parties--but there was no denying that the Palin Presence fed right into the electorate's soft spot for the next new thing. For the 72 year old McCain, new, as Martha Stewart would say, is a "good thing."


The ABQ rally could not have come at a better time for McCain. CNN has NM leaning Obama. Other national media say it's still a toss-up. Our sense is that there is plenty of time for either side to turn it their way. The verdict is far from in. A central question is whether Sassy Sarah, who is turning on the GOP base, will help to renew McCain's campaign here.

The freshly minted GOP prez ticket arrived at Cutter Aviation in ABQ late Saturday afternoon. McCain's wife, Cindy, was also on the trip. Meanwhile, not to be forgotten, Obama's campaign announced Saturday he will do a northern NM visit Sept. 18. (All photos by Mark Bralley.)

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