Friday, June 04, 2010

Wrapping The Week That Was: Our Winners And Losers List For Primary 2010 

We'll remember this primary election week for the big winning margin in that GOP Guv primary and for the narrow escape made by House Speaker Lujan in his Santa Fe area primary. Lots to think about with both those outcomes.

As for the big winners and losers of Primary 2010, here's our list drafted with the able assistance of our Senior Alligators.

WINNER--Susana Martinez. Duh! That's pretty obvious. A twenty plus point landslide in a five candidate field for the GOP Guv nomination. She far surpassed expectations and took momentum into the fall campaign. Nice. Very nice.

--Lawrence Rael. The Dem lieutenant governor is a fine government administrator, but could not grasp the skill-set needed for a candidate. He finished second to Brian Colon.

--Julian Luna. He beat Valencia County State Rep. Elias Barela for the Dem nomination. He did it by pulling in new voters--voters who were not accounted for in Barela's polls which showed him winning.

LOSER--House Speaker Ben Lujan. He is going to win the Dem primary contest for his Santa Fe area seat by less than 100 votes. It was a shocker and its ramifications are only now being assessed. For sure, the impact is not good for the future power of the 74 year old leader.

WINNER---Doug Turner. The GOP Guv candidate scored only 12 percent of the GOP Guv primary vote, but he beat expectations. He is only 41 and the campaign may have positioned him for future opportunity. What that will be, however, is not obvious.

WINNER AND LOSER---Janice Arnold-Jones. Not a very good campaign for the GOP Guv contender, but a convincing TV debate performance sent the message that she would be a fine addition to the cabinet of either a Dem or GOP Guv administration.

LOSER--Allen Weh. You spend $1.6 million of your own cash and you get blown out of the water for the GOP Guv nomination. Enough said.


Join us Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on KOB-TV for "Eye on New Mexico" as we sit down for a final round of analysis of the 2010 primary with anchor Nicole Brady and political reporter Stuart Dyson.

It was a fun week with the radio, TV programs and the blog keeping us engaged in the action. A lot of folks behind the scenes helped us out. On KANW-FM Kevin Otero was our producer; Larry Gonzales Smith assisted with the underwriting. Steve Cabiedes coordinated our early vote gathering. Bruce Donisthorpe had the statewide early results and analysis.

Thanks for tuning us in here and elsewhere. We appreciate your continued interest.

From Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan reporting.

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