Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Readers Blog On Guv Race And More, Plus: King Vs. Chandler For AG 

A reader writes with another way of looking at the money race between Susana Martinez and Diane Denish. Martinez lags, with only $300,000 in the bank compared to Denish's $2.2 million, but:

Denish has raised over $5.5 million since she announced for governor, yet she has only $2.2 million in the bank as of the July 1 report and she is still behind in the polls...

Good points, and we might add that Susana will not have to match Di dollar for dollar, just get within range. But it's how you finish that counts. Martinez still has some catching up to do in the Campaign '10 money race.

A reader of a Democratic bent writes:

Whenever I talk with people about the potential bad consequences of negative campaigning, I get blank stares and statements of belief that negative always works. They don't seem to be able to go to the next step which is "works for whom?"

I think Diane (Denish) will win the governor's race because of Susana's inexperience and mistakes but Diane's campaigning is going to leave a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. I wish that Diane would run on a platform of what it takes to be governor and focus on her experience versus Susanna's. She should also campaign against Sarah Palin and Texas money coming into the Martinez campaign. But Diane does love to beat up on her opponents...

We think you will see more of a mix of positive and negative from both candidates in the months ahead--at lest we hope so.


University of New Mexico School of Law, Professor Jim Ellis writes:

I very much appreciate it when you note prominent individuals who have had major influence with the legislature and the administration, chronicling the history of New Mexico politics. But there is also another group of people, generally unknown, and mostly working without compensation, who have a major impact on some of our most important government policies. Polly Arango was such a person.

For decades, Polly worked tirelessly on behalf of children with severe disabilities and their families, and the impact of her work will be felt for years. People like Polly are influential, in large part, because legislators and others know that they are speaking on behalf of others who cannot speak for themselves. Thanks for your excellent blog.


The campaign of Republican Matt Chandler, the challenger to Dem Attorney General Gary King is doing some chest-pounding over the latest campaign finance reports:

According to July 1 reports Chandler received donations from nearly twice as many contributors as King. Chandler had 65 contributors compared to King's 34 during the past thirty-day reporting period. This reporting period brings Chandler's total donors to 383, a staggering 31.5% more than King's 291 donors. During the reporting period from 5/25/10 to 6/25/10, Chandler raised $21,760, which was $700 more than King's contributions for that period.

As of June 25, Chandler's cash on hand was a little more than $125,000, while King's cash on hand was $145,370, including King's personal loan to his campaign of $60,000.

Not bad for Matt, but if need be Gary has shown a willingness to tap into his personal fortune.

King remains favored for re-election, but there was a Republican elected attorney general in '86 and insider R's like the profile of Chandler, the district attorney for the Clovis area on the state's east side.


Now that we are in the thick of the Guv's race, we've posted permanent links to the campaign sites of Diane Denish and Susana Martinez. They are in the links section on the right hand side of the blog. That way you can access them at anytime. Of course, only one of the candidates will actually have a permanent link--meaning beyond November 2. That's the one who wins.

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