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Daughter Joins NM Mom In La Politica, Plus: Heather & Higher Ed, Showing The Money Or Not & The Santa Fe Comfort Level 

Monique & Sally
There's a mother-daughter team on the state political scene. The new director of tourism doesn't have much work experience tied to New Mexico, but she does have a political connection. The mother of Monique Mayer Jacobson is former GOP ABQ City Councilor Sally Mayer, who now works as a constituent services aide to ABQ GOP Mayor Richard Berry. Governor Martinez named Jacobson tourism secretary-designate.

She has worked in marketing for PepsiCo in Chicago, serving as director of brand identity for the Quaker division of Pepsi and senior marketing manager for Quaker Oatmeal. She grew up in Taos and is a graduate of Sandia Prep with an economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

An old acquaintance of Jacobson writes to us:

Monique "Monica" Jacobson's mother is Sally Mayer who not long ago moved to Chicago to live near and help her daughter “Monique Mayer Jacobson” with her kids. Monica/Monique’s father is a French speaker, so we called her by either name when she was in high school here.

Sally Mayer moved briefly to Chicago after leaving the city council in 2009. She returned and was hired by Mayor Berry shortly after he took office late that year.

The New Mexican reported:

Mayer is the ex-wife of Jean Mayer, owner of the Hotel St. Bernard in the Taos Ski Valley and technical director of the Ernie Blake Ski School. The family is credited with helping to make the ski resort a well-known destination.

The Guv is weighing whether to merge the department with cultural affairs.

Besides this GOP mother-daughter team, another Martinez appointment resulted in a husband-wife political duo. Veronica Gonzales, the wife of ABQ GOP Senator John Ryan, was named by the Guv as secretary for the cultural affairs department. Mayer could end up working for her if the merger idea goes forward.


The speculation about former ABQ GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson becoming the next president of the University of New Mexico may or not have legs, but her weekend opinion piece in the Washington Post in which she discussed the state of the nation's universities isn't going to do anything to quell the water cooler talk.


Hey, Chief Investment Officer Steve Moise. You want to keep secret some agreements involving our state's nearly $16 billion in Permanent Funds, even after the scandals that rocked those very funds under Big Bill?

The investment council is also involved in an effort to recover some of the money lost in the investment deals featuring placement agent fees. Chief Investment Officer Steven Moise said Tuesday that the agency recently recouped a "significant" amount of money, but said the arrangement included a "nondisclosure" agreement as to the specific amount and details of the restitution.

Is there a good reason why we are playing by the old rules of the bubble economy? Or should Mr. Moise show us the money?


The Roundhouse has been a quiet house for the most part, but Thursday afternoon it came to life as friends and foes of the tax rebate for the film industry jammed into a hearing. Say what you will of the rebate, but Hollywood still knows how to pack 'em in.

As for the bill that got them out, it was Rep. Kintigh's measure to entirely axe the 25% rebate. It was effectively killed. Now it is on to the main event which is the Guv's proposal to take the rebate from 25% to 15%.


From one of the Roundhouse Alligators comes this missive about the "comfort level" of Governor Martinez's two top aides:

There is dissatisfaction from Northern New Mexico and Albuquerque politicos that supported Governor Martinez. Most can't get an appointment to meet with the Governor. Instead they meet young staffers. You always here the same closing "will give you a call soon. " They sit patiently in the Governor's waiting room but cannot see or meet with Governor Martinez. Most want jobs not appointments.

(Chief of Staff) Keith Gardner and (Deputy Chief of Staff) Brian Moore seem uncomfortable talking to these people. There is no "comfort level" here. (Former state House members) Gardner and Moore were Southern "no's" in the legislature against Albuquerque and Northern controlled Legislators. They now dread discussing job opportunities in the administration with Nortenos.

Jobs for Nortenos? In a Republican administration? Remember, in New Mexico it's the Democrats who hand out jobs; Republicans hand out contracts.

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Reporting from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan

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