Monday, December 31, 2012

So Long 2012 And Happy New Year, New Mexico! 

Happy New Year, New Mexico! Our centennial celebration ends at Midnight tonight and we then embark on our second century of statehood.

Who can guess what our state will look like in 2113? In 1912, radio, TV and the Internet were science fiction fantasies--if that. Predicting what strides and setbacks we will make in the next 100 years is a search for fool's gold, but make them we will....

New Mexican Ned Farquhar, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management for the Department of the Interior wants to say a final goodbye to one of the 20th century political giants we lost this month--New Mexico House Speaker Ben Lujan:

Joe, The Speaker was a man of great dignity who was level-headed and absorbed information like a sponge.  He listened, and learned from all kinds of people, and always found a way forward.  What an excellent example he set not only in New Mexico, but for other elected leaders across the country.  I felt lucky to know him and I appreciated his generosity toward me over the years. 

The Speaker was also tough as nails and not without his critics who blasted him for keeping too tight a grip on the House and for not encouraging transparency. But he was a "doer," always seeking to move the ball forward--and thus the state. That's why we believe history will judge him kindly...

We will be looking for more leaders like the late Speaker in the new year to tackle a number of historic problems facing the state.

But for now let's sing a song of cheer and thank our lucky stars that we are around to bring in another new year in this ancient land of Nuevo Mexico. Again, Happy New Year!
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