The fatal officer-involved shooting of an Iraq War veteran in 2010 violated the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, according to a ruling by state District Judge Shannon Bacon. . .There could be a settlement or the case could go to trial.

And one of our readers come with this take on this latest example of how the wheels have come off APD:

Albuquerque paid out $44,000,000 in the last 4 years in lawsuits.  This one is going to cost us big time. Will anyone at APD ever be held responsible for our money?  As a citizen I would like someone in charge at APD held accountable for not being good stewards of our money. It will not happen until Mayor Berry is out of office.

Unfortunately, the hits keep coming. Here's more from APD Commander William Roseman:

...APD needs at least 200 to 300 more officers to fill the needs of the entire department. But with only a dozen or so people signing up to serve, they just don't have enough bodies.

And the reader commentary:

. . . .Here you have APD admitting they are 300 officers below strength. Why? Because of a failed recruiting change that Berry and Schultz implemented as a knee jerk reaction.  This will only get worse so long as we continue to require college hours or military service. APD needs to go back to the old standards, we are losing out on too many good applicants.

Thanks for that. You're right. College courses alone won't do it. You need a positive and ethics-driven culture. And it isn't going to be easy to attract cops to a department that is under federal investigation.

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