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Big Bill Back In Big Way In Campaign '14 As Martinez Uses Him As Foil In Her Hit Ads, Plus: Dem Blues Over Gary And Some Blogger Punishment 

Bill Richardson is back in a big way in Campaign '14 but not by his own choosing. Gov. Martinez's campaign has ramped up the negative hits against her gubernatorial predecessor.

There's the mail piece pictured here and a new TV ad in which she calls Richardson out by name as she scorns "pay to play politics." The ad is here

There's also a Martinez radio ad running that uses old audio from Richardson saying of King: "I taught him everything he knows." Following Richardson's comment the announcer declares: "That's all we need to know about Gary King."

Obviously the polling still shows Big Bill, a two term Governor who left office with approval ratings in the 30's, has not grown in stature since his departure but the attacks on him seem close to personal. And by running against him so vociferously, Martinez critics are sure to point to it as yet another sign that she is an empty vessel with no major accomplishments and no ideas on how to pull the state out of the economic stagnation she has presided over.

Richardson recently held a DC fundraiser for King and has tried to persuade national Dems to take more of an interest in ousting Martinez. He also scorched her in a blog interview he did us with back in June. It's a rarity to see two NM Governors--even of opposite parties--to so publicly rebuke one another. This isn't just business anymore, it's personal.


Democrats continue to sing the blues over the King campaign which remains nonexistent on the  airwaves as Martinez continues to completely dominate the campaign narrative, although we expect King to drop something anytime now. The Dem tears are flowing from Roswell to Raton where reader Preciliano Martin writes us:

Joe, It makes me sick to see what is happening with New Mexico. It makes me sicker to know we will have another 4 years of Susana Martinez, thanks to Gary King. Susana owes Gary King a debt of gratitude for having made fools of Democrats and having given Susana a free pass for another 4 years. Your blog and numerous other outlets keeping track of this disaster in the making on a daily basis makes me want to jump off of a high rise. No buildings tall enough in Raton so I will have to endure along with all New Mexicans.

When popular Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren came to ABQ this week to support Sen. Udall, King did not even speak to the 500 Dems gathered. Instead, his running mate Deb Haaland made some remarks. That was probably the biggest Dem campaign event of the season and that the Guv nominee wasn't highlighted tells the tale. . . 

Susana keeps trying to say Gary King would engage in pay to play politics, but he might be the least susceptible Governor to corruption that we've ever had. Why? Hardly anyone has given him any campaign money. Think about it. . . 


No Chicharrones
As we typed away on the Thursday blog we wanted to make sure of the numbers in the NM House. A quick Google check gave us Wikpedia and told of a House that is divided between 38 Dems and 32 R's. We used that. Wrong and a painful error.

As sharp-eyed readers noted, it's a 37 to 33 Dem majority, having changed to that number when State Rep. Easley died and an R was appointed to his seat. We quoted the numbers that existed before his passing that were also listed on the site.

It means the R's need a pick-up of two seats to tie and three to win. Not four to win. We had the blog corrected early and it had exclusive polling info on the key races along with analysis, but still that kind of error can't go without punishment.

The traditional ten lashes with the wet noodle will be administered at the South Valley Morada. In addition,  we shall be denied chicharrones at Barelas Coffee House for a period of two months. Finally, we are banned for a year from tagging along on any fishing trips with first gentleman Chuck Franco. That ought to keep us on the straight and narrow. . .

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