Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor 

JThe politicos would take credit if they could, but the reason behind the best economic news we've had around these parts lately is beyond their control.

It's the end of the drought--at least for now- as seen in living color in this pic sent in by friends in Edgewood who are enjoying one of their most intense rainy seasons in decades. Is that really NM?

On the east side of the state--where extreme conditions have prevailed--the drought is also over. A rancher describes the cattle grazing there as "fat and sassy.". . .

Those Republicans in control of the state House for the first time in over 60 years have been feeling their oats. And they like the feeling, so they are out on the campaign trail this summer raising money for the battle next year to keep the chamber under their wing.

NM House Speaker Don Tripp was feted at an ABQ fund-raiser Thursday night, with proceeds going to the Speaker's PAC. Among those co-hosting was former NM GOP Chairman and oilman Harvey Yates, 2010 GOP Guv hopeful Doug Turner, as well as members of the Bursum banking and ranch family in the Socorro area, the region represented by Tripp in the House. . .

Santa Feans have named their favorite New Mexican restaurant so if you're headed there this summer, heads up:

As the Shed’s accomplished little sister, La Choza also excels at chile-smothered fare such as cheese enchiladas, chile rellenos and burritos. Tender posole (made with pork) and beans accompany many dishes, and there’s plenty of chile on the plate to sop up with an extra side of sopaipillas.

We think they got it right. We had the carne adovada burrito at La Choza this week and the red chile was better than ever. . .

We get this in the email:

Joe, this is Mitch from your old KUNM-FM radio days. I am not retired and started a blog on some issues. I hope you enjoy it.

We're not retired either, Mitch. Maybe fat and sassy but definitely not retired.

Thanks for stopping by this week.

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