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Sanchez Vs. Berry; Very Early Action Developing Over Abortion in '18 GOP Guv Race, Plus: Two Mayors; Two Disconnects, And: 'Tis The Season; '16 Petitions Circulate Today 

Lt. Gov. Sanchez
Did ABQ Mayor Richard Berry upset his political apple cart when he decried the tactics of an anti-abortion group active in an ABQ City Council race? Lt. Governor John Sanchez, like Berry a probable contender for the '18 GOP Guv nomination, isn't saying that but he could be said to be acting like it.

Sanchez's office confirms that the Light Guv met with a small group of pro-life advocates Wednesday, only days after Berry put up a YouTube video asking Protest ABQ to cease showing graphic depictions of abortions in SE Heights District 6, saying they were frightening children.

Berry's video may have appealed to many Democrats and moderates, but they have nothing to say about the GOP nomination whereas the pro-life community does. A Senior Alligator comments:

Berry's video was unnecessary and a mistake from a statewide view. It was as if he was assuming the GOP nomination is his and is already trying to appeal to the state at large. That is a miscalculation. Lt. Gov. Sanchez is a major barrier for Berry to overcome and by alienating an important GOP constituency Berry has made his path to the nomination more difficult and perhaps easier for John. Remember conservative Steve Pearce versus moderate Heather Wilson for the 2008 US Senate nomination? We know how that one ended.

Tara Shaver, head of the Protest ABQ ministry, said Berry has "done nothing" to reduce abortions during his time as mayor. Sanchez's office says Shaver was not among those at Wednesday's meeting. They said Sanchez has had regular meetings with pro-life groups but until now no such meetings had the significant statewide political implications of this one.


On the very day we got the news of a big jump in the ABQ crime rate from 2010-2014, Mayor Berry comes with this:

Mayor Berry and APD have come up with a safer way for community members to exchange items purchased over internet on sites like Craigslist. The City of Albuquerque will begin providing monitored, secure locations, known as Exchange Zones. The zones will soon be established in each of the parking lots at APD’s six area command substations. Mayor Berry and APD believe these Exchange Zones, will help reduce potential dangers to both buyers and sellers.

Talk about a disconnect. Concern about Craigslist but no comment from the Mayor on the leap in crime far surpassing the growth in population and continuing the city's hurtful reputation as crime-ridden?

Berry took office in December of 2009. His major TV ad back then faulted Mayor Marty Chavez for presiding over a skyrocketing rate of property crime. So how is Berry doing? From 2010 through 2014, property crimes in the city are up 15 percent, according to the FBI uniform crime report. Ditto for violent crimes. Meanwhile, the population during that time grew by a mere 2.4 percent.


And former Mayor Marty Chavez also seems to be suffering from a great disconnect. With all the problems the city has had with crime, APD and its floundering economy, the former His Honor comes with this:

(Chavez) who started the 311 service is blasting the city for cutting the hours. But current city staff claim not having a live service overnight saves money. Marty Chavez was Albuquerque's mayor in 2005 when the city launched the 311 service. It’s supposed to be a number where residents can call and get help or answers from different city departments. “This is basic governmental service,” Chavez said. When it was launched, the line was live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But now when you call after 9 p.m., you get automated message with the service's hours.

Yep, that's what's killing ABQ. You just gotta talk to someone about your garbage pick-up at 3 in the morning. Thanks, Marty.


We suppose you can call today the official start of the 2016 election season:

Secretary of State Duran announced that on October 1, 2015 her office will publish the documents and information necessary for potential 2016 Primary Election candidates to begin collecting the necessary petition signatures to qualify for the June 7, 2016 Primary Election ballot. . . Potential candidates can find the required nominating petition form, along with the 2016 Primary Election Candidate Guide on the SOS website.While not eligible for the June 2016 ballot, independent and minor party candidates will find information in the guide pertinent to their campaigns as well.


Arturo Uribe writes from Las Cruces:

I've been reading your blog since you began. Congratulations on 12 years of awesome work. Thank you. I was hoping if you would help us inform your readers especially those in Las Cruces about this candidate forum. Keep up the great work and Write On. . . 

SWOP Action Fund Dona Ana, Nopalito’s Galeria and PRC Productions will be hosting a Las Cruces Mayoral Candidate Forum.This is a non-partisan event and an opportunity for those who are registered to vote in the Las Cruces Municipal election to be educated, informed, and engaged, voters. Forum will begin at 6 p.m., Thursday October 8th 6-8pm at 326 S. Mesquite St.

Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagashima is seeking a third term in the Nov. 3 city election. He has two opponents.

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