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Intel Layoffs Get Political As Dems Push Them In The Lap Of GOP, Plus: Yates Vs. Rogers And Another Letter Bomb: GOP Infighting Features Some Media Bashing 

The layoffs at Intel are coming with political recriminations this time around and the Democrats are hoping that leads to political consequences.

Reports Tuesday pegged the number of layoffs at the Rio Rancho chip plant at 215, shrinking the workforce from 1,900 to 1,685 and delivering another body blow to the metro economy. Soon, it seems, there will be little more than a skeleton crew out there, barring a surprise.

The layoffs here are part of 12,000 the company is making worldwide.

Perhaps the layoffs will finally spark a long overdue debate about the dreary area job market, especially about good paying jobs like those being lost and not being created. From the state Dems:

The job cuts at Intel just add to a long history of lost jobs under (Gov, Martinez's) watch. Democrats have been working to invest in early childhood education, job training programs, and college education in an effort to build long-term economic security in our state and ensure New Mexicans have the skills needed to get ahead in this economy, while Martinez and state Republicans continue to focus on their all-crime, all the time agenda. 

The lack of focus from Governor Martinez and Republicans in the state is having a damaging effect on New Mexico’s economic future.

Dem attorney Daymon Ely, seeking the state House seat where Intel is located and currently held by GOP State Rep. Paul Pacheco, joined in the hit. He called on Pacheco to address the "job crisis."

I challenge my opponent, Paul Pacheco, who represents this district and has done nothing to address these critical issues, to meet with me in an open forum so that we can hear his plans on how to save our community.

A call to Pacheco for a response was not returned. He was in the fore at the last legislative session in the effort to repeal driver's licenses for undocumented workers which finally passed with a compromise. But Pacheco has been quiet on the jobs and economy front as a portion of his district is devastated by the Intel retreat. The seat leans R but Ely has raised a lot of money.

The Dems will have to pound hard and consistently to switch the political agenda from  the "all crime all the time" campaign that is coming from the R's and that was their central focus in the recent legislative session. One news release won't do it.


Current Senior Alligator odds on control of the House next year: The odds currently favor the R's keeping the House but it's close--6 to 5 in favor of the R's. The odds on the R's taking control of the state Senate are 20 to 1. We'll revisit the odds as develops warrant.


There was some media talk circulating that the loss of the Intel workers is actually an opportunity because many of them are highly trained and creative. That went over like a lead balloon with many of our readers, including reader Kathryn Carrol:

The real brain power now working at the plant will be moved to other Intel locations - those remaining are beyond their prime and will be interested only in a buyout or an enhancement to boost their pension. Went through that with a then-60-year old husband with 30 years of service when IBM devastated the manufacturing plant in Tucson back in the late '80s. The enhanced pension and free medical coverage for life for both employee and spouse was a nice sweetener.

There was a good job growth report released about the ABQ metro Tuesday but it appears most of the jobs being created remain on the low-paying side and not the kind that are going to keep talented younger people from fleeing for greener pastures.


Rogers (Bralley)
Pat Rogers is using some media bashing to try to prevent a loss in his race for NM GOP National Committeeman to former NM GOP Chairman Harvey Yates. He released his response to Yates' recent delegate letter that said its time for Rogers to go, saying the Republican Governor and state House have squandered their years in power by doing little to create jobs.

The Rogers letter (here) runs 1,700 words and contains a lengthy passage about "Democrat dominated newspapers and bloggers." Said Rogers of Yates:

We also have very different means of communicating. That is why I am writing to you and other Republican delegates and leaders directly, personally, and privately. I would never choose to communicate with you about Republican Party internal debates through the statewide media or through Democrat-dominated newspapers and bloggers’ so that our discussion becomes, as Harvey has chosen to try to make it, a public airing of perceived
injuries and grievances. I don’t see that as effective in moving our Party or our Country forward.

Actually, it's this "blogger" Pat is talking about since we're the only one covering the race. The notorious Rogers has given us great copy for 13 years and his thin skin regarding us is legendary.

He did not mention that the liberal New Mexican actually endorsed Governor Martinez for re-election in 2014.

Rogers accuses Yates of making his announcement for committeeman in the New Mexican which he says in the bag for the D's. The story was actually first reported here (yeah, we still chase an ambulance once in a while) and did not come from Yates--but from readers who informed us of his candidate letter. He also formally announced--with Rogers present--at the recent BernCo GOP County Convention.

Rogers, long a fixer for the Martinez political Machine (remember the state racino lease for the Downs at ABQ?), has had the committeeman slot for eight years, but this contest to be decided at the state GOP convention in May looks close as we draw nearer to the post-Martinez era. Maybe that's why he spent 1,700 words on the attack.


The CNN political analysis team said last night that it expects Donald Trump to get "a few more delegates" than Cruz and Kasich from the NM June 7th GOP presidential primary. We take that as a prediction that Trump will carry the state which would surprise no one, given the momentum Trump picked up from the primaries back East last night.


We mentioned that Bernie Sanders plans to put several staffers on the ground here for the Dem presidential primary. And so is Hillary:

Hillary for New Mexico campaign will be led by State Director Scott Forrester. Rich Thuma will serve as Organizing Director and Victor Reyes will serve as Communications Director. . .Hillary for New Mexico will open offices throughout the state in the coming weeks. . .Forrester served as political director for her 2008 New Mexico operation. From 2009-2013, he served as the Executive Director of the state Democratic Party. Scott is the co-founder of Bosque Strategies, a political consulting firm. Supporters in New Mexico who want to get involved and join Hillary for New Mexico should visit.


New Mexico First, a bipartisan public policy organization is hosting a  town hall on the state's economy. Help create recommendations for New Mexico's leaders. Click here to register.

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