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Susana And Aleppo, Macy's Departure, Angst For Jeff Apodaca, TheSonntag Saga And We Get Faked Out Over Farmington 

That big podium from which Gov. Martinez announced yet another round of anti-DWI proposals seemed to swallow up the compact chief executive, much like the events of the day that have left her administration limping into its final two years.

But the former prosecutor is not about to change her tune. Law and order and crime and punishment are her home turf and the deep-seated economic and revenue problems facing the state--and which will dominate the upcoming legislative session--are as appealing to her as Aleppo was to Gary Johnson. It's foreign territory and will always remain such. Besides, attacking crime polls well, even if the "all crime all the time" agenda from the once Republican-controlled House was an utter failure at the ballot box. 

There has been really only one central and consequential element to Martineznomics--that she will never, ever raise taxes. It is a pledge that could well be put to the test in her final two years as even Republicans look for "revenue enchantment" to resolve the state's fiscal crisis. It could come down to matter of what constitutes an "increase." When Bill Clinton, in the middle of the Lewinsky scandal, he famously stated: "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." 

Will we see similar fancy footwork by Martinez or will any revenue raising be viewed as she views crime and punishment--all back and white--and emphasized with veto threats?

As for that photo of Susana at the podium, who is that fella to her right? He looks as if he is in mourning. Maybe he's thinking that he has to find a new job in two years and the clock is ticking? (It's Tom Church, Secretary of the NM Dept. of Transportation).


What Martinez really needs to be making news about is having the gross receipts tax applied to Amazon.com and the like as retail increasingly moves on line. For example, Macy's leaving ABQ's Cottonwood Mall on the westside and its over 50 employees. Extending the gross receipts tax to all Internet sales would not be a "tax increase" but extending a tax to out-of-state retailers that our local folks already pay. Maybe someone can persuade Susana.


Early news on the '18 Guv front as a dispute that possible Dem hopeful Jeff Apodaca had with his most recent employer makes a splash:

Jeff Apodaca, the son of former Gov. Jerry Apodaca, filed suit in August against Entravision Communications Corp. and two Entravision employees, alleging breach of contract and wrongful separation. . .On Dec. 27, the Court dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, rendering Apodaca unable to sue the defendants on the same grounds in the future. Apodaca’s attorney, said the lawsuit was dismissed because “the matter had been resolved,” though he declined to elaborate further. Apodaca alleged he was fired in retaliation for complaining to human resources about “harassment, bullying, and intimidation” from Mario Carrera, Entravision’s chief revenue officer.

Entravision is a Spanish language media accompany where Apodaca was a top executive. If he does make the Guv run his rivals are sure to have him explaining in both Spanish and English a lot more about that lawsuit.


Why can't new NM GOP Chairman Ryan Cangiolosi simply apologize to private citizen Carla Sonntag and move on? It's well-known there was no love lost between Sonntag and former GOP Chair Debbie Maestas, but Cangiolosi is the new guy on the block who should be making the peace, not flaming an old war: The news:

The head of a state business group filed a defamation lawsuit against the Republican Party, the latest chapter in a roiling spat sparked by anonymous emails amidst a backdrop of party infighting. Carla Sonntag, president and founder of the New Mexico Business Coalition, filed the suit in Albuquerque. The lawsuit claims neither Sonntag nor her family members were behind the anonymous emails, which levied allegations against several prominent Republicans in the run-up to the election of a new party chairman. It also says the state GOP’s claim that Sonntag was the source of the emails has caused her “personal humiliation, mental anguish and suffering.” In addition, the lawsuit alleges the GOP’s claim has led to some donors suspending their ties with the NM Business Coalition. Among other Republicans, the emails in question targeted Republican National Committeeman Harvey Yates Jr. and Ryan Cangiolosi, who was elected last month as state party chairman.

The whole sordid mess, including some pretty ugly emails, are included in Sonntag's lawsuit which we helpfully post here for your bedtime reading.


Confirmation now of the story we broke here this week that Gail Armstrong is in line to be appointed to the House seat held by Rep. Don Tripp, the outgoing House speaker who is retiring this month. Tripp is now actively campaigning for Armstrong who served as his legislative aide and is the wife of TLC Plumbing owner Dale Armstrong.


For a time Wednesday the blog met the infamous fake news machine and the machine got the upper hand.

We took the bait when we spotted a "news item" on the Facebook feed of our old friend and longtime newsman Frank Haley. It seems famed actor Clint Eastwood was traveling through Farmington, his car had broken down and he heaped praised on all the local help he received--even a hamburger lunch while he waited for his rental car to be fixed. If only it were so. But economically battered Farmington will have to wait for some uplifting news.

Not long after we put that item up readers sent us a story about actor Jim Carrey praising residents of Hobbs, NM for the very same reason Eastwood was supposedly singing the praises of Farmington--for the help he received when his car broke down there. Well, congrats fake news.  It took a while, but you got us.

It sure would be nice if you guys running that machine could make some of the news around here fake--like the massive state budget crisis, the ABQ crime wave and the economic decline. Unfortunately, you can't fake it in the real world. A final word on this from Farmington and reader and broadcaster Scott Michlin:

Greetings from Farmington, Joe. I am the General Manager of KSJE 90.9 FM,the public radio station in San Juan County. I appreciate your blog and read is regularly. Unfortunately, the Clint Eastwood story about his time in Farmington isn't true. The websiteeven has a disclaimer&nbsp that it is an entertainment website composed mostly of articles containing fantasy news or satire). As much as all of us in San Juan County would welcome some good news, this isn't it. Although, I can report we have plenty of places to provide a good burger when Clint (or you) come for a visit. Keep up the good work and thanks!

I'll take you up on that burger offer, Scott. As Clint would say, it would "make my day."

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