Monday, December 13, 2004

Apple Martinis & La Politica; I'm On The Holiday Circuit And Night Tripping With Generation X  

Party Animals
Careening thru downtown ABQ Saturday night, I was trying to put politics out of my addicted mind for a few hours, but like a moth to flame I found myself soberly stumbling into the annual holiday bash thrown by the hip 20 and 30 something's that make up the DW Turner PR agency. The gang was all there sipping on apple martinis and putting a welcome Generation X spin on the aberration known as New Mexico La Politica.

Old warhorses like KKOB's Larry Ahrens, KRQE-TV's Gerges Scott, GOP Boss Ken Zangara, R power players Mickey Barnett and Anna Muller and yours truly did our best to keep up with what Larry's wife, Susan, aptly dubbed "the new youthful energy" in the state's largest city.

X'er Doug Turner, who tutored under Governor Gary, brought in the eye candy as well as the politicos; black cocktail dresses on Central Avenue and no one was arrested. I was the only lawbreaker in the crowd, awarded a ten buck traffic ticket for illegal parking. But I picked up enough insider info to justify the expense.

One young Alligator (no, not Greg Payne who was there eyeballing but not highballing) tried this one on me: Shirley Baca resigns her post on the Public Regulation Commission because of her pot bust and Big Bill appoints a state legislator from a multi-county district to replace her. Why? Because then Bill would get to name the new state legislator from that district as well. "It would be a twofer" argued the Gator as he urged Shirley to get rid of the glass pipe and get into Zig-Zag papers.

As for Big Bill, he sent his regrets to Doug saying he does not like to leave Santa Fe on Saturday nights. He parties on the other six.

Back on the record, TV 13 news exec Gerges Scott said there will be no resting on laurels now that longtime last place 13 is the new #1 in the 10 p.m. news ratings. "We'll take two weeks to celebrate and then work to protect the lead." That sounded fine to elegant 13'er and X'er Katy Zachary, who sipped the night away.


Early 30's Dem ABQ State Rep. Al Park, already a prime possible for Attorney General in 06', said he almost nixed the holiday soiree because he was falling asleep in front of the tube like a baby boomer, but his girl came to the rescue and forced him to act his age.

The young and always aggressive and always on Shea Andersen of the ABQ Trib fielded cell phone calls while revealing that he will blog the Legislature next session. "Can I just cut and paste yours, Joe? Hey, what else is new Shea?

Terry Brunner, Senator Bingaman's state director and a youthful and hopeless political junkie, accepted accolades on behalf of Jeff from the Dem portion of the partygoers. Are you running for something, Terry?

Back in oldtimer land, radio's Ahrens told me he will have the lowdown on his KKOB future "very soon." That's good because his contract expires at the end of this month. And "Ambassador" Ken Zangara said if the Prez does tap him for an international post he hopes its better than Belize. (Only joking Mr. Prez) Beyond that, Zangara was scouring the crowd for a GOP candidate for governor and even one for ABQ Mayor. He had better luck securing the cupcakes they were passing around (Not those kind of cupcakes, fellas. The ones you bake)

But then it was time to go as DJ Eldon started to crank up some far-out vinyl, which, like the evening, signaled the coming changing of the guard. Dude, we are ready for that.

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