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MLG’s Lonely Lunch; Lawmakers Stiff Her On Mansion Invitation As Special Legislative Crime Session Heads For A Train Wreck; Guv Lashes Back But May Have Missed The Mark 

Lunch at the Mansion
When legislators turn down a free lunch, you know things are bad. 

Look at that photo courtesy of the Alligators. It appears that only one lawmaker bothered to accept MLG's invitation to lunch at the Guv's Mansion Monday as she desperately tried to hammer out an agreement to avoid a complete breakdown of the special session set to begin Thursday.

The sole lawmaker hungry enough to lunch with her was outgoing Dem Senator Daniel-Ivey Soto. He looks lonelier (but happier) than he did on Primary Election Night when progressive groups banded together to take him out of his ABQ NE Heights legislative seat which he keeps until the end of the year. 

Ivey-Soto is a legendary deal-maker in Santa Fe but you have to have someone to make a deal with and right now literally no one is coming to the Governor's table. 

Word is she invited to lunch members of the judiciary committees of the House and Senate which is why so many chairs are set up but lawmakers bowed out. 

So what of the pressing question: What happened to all the leftovers? Well, we imagine the "First Manny" will be enjoying his lunch breaks for the next couple of days. 


How bad is it? Even mild-mannered and accommodating Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth is lost to MLG, saying at a Monday news conference:

Special Sessions only work when the bills are cooked. We thought we had an agreement with the governor when she first indicated she wanted to call a special [session], that she wouldn’t proceed unless there was consensus. The governor went ahead and. . . called this session, before we had even started working on these bills; that’s certainly her prerogative. We have worked hard to try and find bipartisan consensus on the bills that were proposed. As the speaker said, we’re just not there.

Sen. Wirth
Sources say Wirth, who can usually be counted on to carry the Governor's water, went south after a "contentious" phone call with her over the weekend. 

She had already lost House Speaker Javier Martinez who again appeared livid Monday that lawmakers were being called back when there is no agreement on the five anti-crime measures MLG is putting on the session's agenda, 

That news conference by Wirth and Martinez left the clear impression that legislators could be gaveled into session Thursday for only a few minutes and then immediately adjourn. But the Governor's office showed no outward sign of worry or of cancelling the session, declaring that plans are going "full steam ahead."

Are those plans like MLG conducting a steam-powered locomotive and heading for a train wreck with legislators?

That a PAC supporting the Guv has put up radio ads urging the public to call legislators and pressure them to support MLG's special session agenda, don't seem to be helping.

At the news conference Speaker Martinez seemed to indicate the two sides may be going to the mattresses. He  pointedly said the lawmakers were ready to get to work if they had a a workable agenda. That sounded as if incoming fire against the lawmakers would be launched by MLG if they did not bend to her ways.   


Martinez didn't have to wait long. MLG held a news conference at a downtown ABQ homeless camp and blasted the legislature for not embracing her bill that would strengthen mental competency laws and make it easier for judge to hold certain offenders in confinement. But the optics were a mixed bag

The homeless camp did not look nefarious and the Governor may have appeared tone deaf to their plight as she railed against them in support of her bill:

If these individuals will not seek care and break the law and come right back to the streets, there is nothing we can do to interrupt this chaos. 

But the event missed the mark with the Democratic base and may actually have strengthened the hand of the progressives who have called on her to cancel the session

She may think a tough line will rally Republicans and moderate Dems but they and she don't have the votes. A compromise is still the only way out. That Mayor Keller was there to egg her on only exposed the ineffectiveness of the city in fighting crime--not the state.

For Republicans this is a rare time to enjoy the Roundhouse. They are proposing all manner of crime bills that have no chance but at least they can show they are doing something. That's clearly not the case for the chief executive and the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. 

Then there's that other crisis. The Rio Chama bar and restaurant, across from the Roundhouse and a favorite hangout of legislators and lobbyists, has let its liquor license expire

No free lunches at the Mansion or premium booze nearby? How long can they last up there?


Here is the full statement of the Democratic legislative leadership on the special session:

House Speaker Javier Martínez (D-Albuquerque), House Majority Floor Leader Gail Chasey (D-Albuquerque),Senate Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque), and Senate Majority Floor Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe)issued the following statement: 


“We share the Governor’s commitment to improving public safety and expanding access to behavioral healthcare and substance use treatment. However, we have repeatedly noted that our constitutional duty as a separate and co-equal branch of government is to fully consider the legislation that comes before us and the potential impact it may have on New Mexicans. 


In a series of public committee meetings over the last few months, lawmakers brought together law enforcement, behavioral healthcare providers, disability rights groups, community leaders, and other subject matter experts to consider the legislation proposed by the Executive.  


Unfortunately, after several weeks of these meetings, we still have deep and serious concerns that the legislation proposed for this special session would have unintended consequences on New Mexicans, especially for those most vulnerable, and their liberties. 


Lawmakers, along with community leaders and advocates, have repeatedly raised their voices about the potential problematic impact of the proposed legislation. 


While we think these policies are not ready for the special session, we can and will continue our work on these issues in the interim and in the upcoming 60-day legislative session that begins in January. ”

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Monday, July 15, 2024

Calming The Waters--Or Trying; State's Politicos Urge A Change In Tone In Aftermath Of Assassination Attempt On Trump, Plus: Political Impact Uncertain As Shock Takes Hold But Our Top Analysts Do Their Best  

It's pro forma for politicians to immediately condemn instances of political violence but it is essential they do so if that violence is not to be accepted as the norm. 

A danger is that the intermittent chaos and shock caused by such events moves into the realm of something more permanent and menacing to the democracy. 

So the expressions of sorrow and condemnation by the state's political class over the attempted assassination of former President Trump at a Saturday Pennsylvania rally were expected but no less welcome. 

In the '24 NM contest laced with the most virulent symptoms of the divisiveness that afflicts today's politics, both hopefuls struck the right tone. 

Former GOP US Rep. Yvette Herrell, challenging Dem Rep. Gabe Vasquez who unseated her two years ago and who is a fervent Trump supporter, refrained from turning the tragedy into a blame game against the Democrats and Biden as did some of her Republican colleagues:

I am praying for President Trump and his family. No one will divide this nation as long as we are united under God and our freedoms secured. We will persevere and those responsible will be held to account for their cowardly act.

Vasquez cast a wide net in his reaction, avoiding any temptation to inflame the moment: 

Gun violence has no place on our streets, in politics or in the democratic discourse. As information continues to unfold, let me be clear that I strongly condemn acts of violence against anyone, regardless of political party. I wish President Trump a safe & speedy recovery as well as anyone involved in this incident.

Herrell and Vasquez could not be more different in their personalities. The southern congressional district is also like night and day--half rural and half city; half pro-Trump and half pro-Biden. Thankfully the candidates turned down the temperature in their reaction to the deadly weekend violence. Keeping it turned down is incumbent on them as they venture into an already heated battle in the months ahead.

Heinrich & Monahan
Sen. Heinrich came with a statement that bumped up against the often rancid discourse infecting contemporary politics:

In the coming days, I urge all of us to engage in political conversations with a renewed sense of respect and understanding. We have the power to change the tone of our national discourse. Let us lead by example in our conversations, both online and offline. Now, more than ever, we must remember that our political opponents are not our enemies. They are fellow Americans, with their own hopes, fears, and dreams for this country. Our democracy depends on our ability to disagree without demonizing one another.

The hope is that such statements resonate and that future generations are able to enjoy the benefits of this great democracy and not witness its demise.


Politics operates at warp speed these days. Uncertainty seems the only certainty and solid predictions of the future are often folly and the terrain of the arrogant. So, with those yellow flags of caution waving we take a look at the possible ramifications on the upcoming election (with the assistance of our Senior Alligators) caused by the attack on former President Trump.

Most of those we spoke with were humble enough to admit they are waiting for the polls to give them some guidance as the aftershocks from Saturday reverberate. 

A polling bump for Trump is expected by most of our observers--at least for a couple of weeks--considering the rally around the flag tendency in moments of national crisis as well as from the GOP national convention that kicks off today. 

But there are structural components to state politics that are not given to crumbling and that underpin the election even in the aftermath of this latest political earthquake. Let's take a look:

In the toss-up Vasquez-Herrell contest, Vasquez will be looking for any impact on independent voters that are essential for Herrell to convince to join with her Republican base which is expected to be galvanized by the Trump attack. 

While GOP voters may become more enthusiastic to vote for their presidential nominee, Democrats could be galvanized by raw fear as speculation rains down on them that New Mexico might vote for Trump. 

The absence of a well-oiled Republican machine is a major impediment for them to take advantage of any change in the environment that could attract conservative Dems and independents. One of our Dem Senior Gators points out that Republicans have basically been banished from the state. There is no infrastructure for them to generate a comprehensive campaign. 

Also, national chatter that New Mexico could be in play for the GOP may be raising fears among rank and file Democrats but it is not being matched by most knowledgeable and experienced professionals here who note that Democrats far outnumber Republicans and after all these years are not suddenly going to become Trump voters.

The question arises of whose opinion changes because of this tragic event? In New Mexico there is a cemented vision between pro and anti Trump voters. There are few undecided. That makes for slight ticks up and down in the polling but not large shifts. 

--The long-shot GOP play, according to former state legislator and longtime political consultant Greg Payne, is a huge burst of enthusiasm among Trump supporters and a substantial drop in Democratic turnout. 

The Biden camp said before the shooting say they will continue to follow a "let the chips fall where they may" strategy for our state. They believe that if New Mexico were somehow to get in play it would mean the race is already lost in the key battleground states where they will be concentrating their efforts. 


In the US senate race Nella Domenici remains in a tough spot, argues analyst Payne. 

She's not running the type of campaign that could take maximum advantage of a jump in Trump's support. She has said she is not seeking his endorsement or offering hers to his candidacy. That's in addition to not saying whether she will vote for him. Now seems the time for her to pivot to a more friendly Trump stance and have less concentration on her father's service as a US senator. 

Heinrich has a good first month, thanks to Domenici not attacking him and forcing him to spend money early. His traditionally cautious approach is not yet being upset. Domenici will have to do something to force him to move out of his comfort zone.


Suddenly the special legislative session the Governor called on crime and set for this Thursday in Santa Fe has become more interesting as one of the most notorious crimes in the nation's history has just taken place and sure to cast a shadow over the Roundhouse.

The problem is the Governor getting late momentum on the short list of bills she has proposed aimed at curbing the state's stubbornly high crime rate. After weeks of wrangling with key lawmakers with little success, that opportunity may have passed.

A key House committee chair, Rep. Christine Chandler of Los Alamos, is warning that two of the top measures being pushed by the Governor may have to wait until the next regular legislative session in January: 

. . . She’s not sure that criminal competency and civil commitment can be addressed within the limited time frame of a special session. The criminal competency legislation doesn’t have a “strong nexus” to reducing crime rates, she said, representing about 4% of criminal cases. She called current competency laws “out of date” and “inadequate.” “But they’re complicated issues. When you’re talking about committing someone with a mental health issue, that’s a big deal. That is something you don’t do lightly.”

MLG has been a leader on gun violence throughout her career but the sole gun bill for the special is to extend prison time for felons caught using a gun committing a crime. That would seem to have bipartisan support and perhaps could be bundled with others that are not controversial and salvage the session from an ugly breakdown.

While MLG has been criticized for breaking tradition and not brokering a deal with lawmakers before calling the special (at least not yet), a coalition of progressives asking her to cancel the session because her proposals infringe on liberties, also share blame for the stand-off. As one of our Alligators put it:

Joe, the progressives say don't bother. Just stay home. That's because they have no solutions, only criticism of the Governor who is at least trying. 

Well, the session will certainly be more interesting now--if not more productive.  

Reporting from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan.

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

The Special Mess: Breakdown In Consensus On Guv's Crime Bills Could Lead To A Vietnam Strategy; Declare Victory And Get Out In A Day  

The special legislative session is still a bust and the Governor continues to insist on having one starting July 18. One may be the key number. 

Our veteran sources report that in the wake of the crumbling of a consensus over MLG's crime bills, legislative leadership is of a mind to have a simple one day session next Thursday, declare victory and get out of town. Said one: 

Joe, it's the Vietnam strategy. The war is lost but declare it won and leave as smoothly as you can.  

Of course the withdrawal from Vietnam (as well as Afghanistan) was anything but pretty. But these are not enemy forces MLG faces, they are fellow Democrats who are trying now to arrange an exit that saves face for everyone and embarrassment for the Governor. 

But another senior source, commenting on the state House Democratic caucus meeting that took place late Wednesday, warned:

If the Governor doesn’t send legislators a package they can all agree on Speaker Martinez promised to gavel the session to order than abruptly adjourn it--sine die. He doesn’t want the Republicans to out message the Democrats on the House floor and make a spectacle.

Maybe the best they can do at this point is the aforementioned--pass a variety of milquetoast bills next Thursday and tell the innkeepers and restaurant owners counting on extra business:

"Sorry. We'll see you next time."


Why MLG insisted on a special session on crime without a prearranged deal--a very rare occurrence--is the subject of speculation throughout the legislative ranks. Some of it:

--She called the special because it's MLG being MLG--shoot from the hip and look for the target later.

--She wanted to make a splash before the Democratic National Convention and speak there as as a freshly credentialed crime-fighting Governor because her hope for a DC gig have not evaporated.

--She is thinking of her post-gubernatorial years and is proposing behavioral health bills to address crime so she can emerge as a leader in the field when she leaves office. 

--She thinks a special session will be helpful to Dem prospects in the November election. 

--She would not have called the special if former Governor Richardson were still alive and who often acted as a Governor on the Governor.

Whatever the reasoning Santa Fe needs to come together and try to act like a serious government because right now they look weak, in disarray and of no comfort to a citizenry wondering when the crime-fighting starts.


Word arrives of the death of longtime conservative radio talk show host Pat Frisch. He held forth on ABQ's KKOB radio for 20 years as both a talk host and program director. He moved to Montana in 2019 and continued his radio career there. Frisch died of colon cancer last month. He was 63. . .

Paul Douglas Ware, another veteran radio personality known on air as Paul Douglas, has also died of cancer. Douglas was another KKOB alumni and more recently was broadcasting in Las Vegas, NM. Douglas died July 2. He was 73.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

A Commentary: Ridin' With Biden In New Mexico: A Partnership Of Progress; President's Policies Have Showered Attention And Funding On State; As DC Silly Season Subsides It's Time For All Of State's Delegation To Get On Board 

As the DC summer silly season subsides and the realization sets in that Joe Biden will indeed be the Democratic party's presidential nominee, there's no cause for mourning. Biden has been more than good for New Mexico. Extending his policies as they apply here for another four years would be welcome. Let's take a look:

--Biden adopted moderate energy polices that address environmental concerns without disrupting the most enormous economic boom in state history--the oil drilling in in SE New Mexico. The historic gusher--expected to continue at least through the end of the decade--is providing the state with billions upon billions in surplus--in a state with only 2 million people. It is a boom that will echo down through the generations and defies Biden's Republican critics who accused him of harboring radical views that would lead to reduced oil production. Instead he is the godfather of the boom that hands the state the potential to rise from the bottom of so many lists. 

--Funding for the national labs is always a source of controversy among Democrats who are uneasy with nuclear armaments policy. That's understandable. But there's no ignoring that modern New Mexico's economy was founded on national security, spearheaded by Los Alamos and Sandia laboratories and Kirtland AFB as well as other bases. All of these installations are today operating at record funding levels thanks to Biden's budgets. The explosion in funding at Los Alamos is especially historic, with so many new employees that they are being placed in nearby Santa Fe. The labs and military bases account for tens of billions in annual federal funding and remain the cornerstone of the economy. Under Biden rumors of closure and cutbacks have ended and funding has soared.

--The 2022 Hermits Peak-Canyon Calf Fire was the largest in state history and the result of bungling by the US Forest Service. In the aftermath Biden and the congressional delegation pushed through a $4 billion appropriation to compensate victims of the blaze. Biden personally visited the state, collaborated with the Governor and did not hesitate in responding.The very generous bill has already meant $850 million being distributed to those impacted, despite a slow start-up. In the next four years climate change promises more disasters that will impact the wilds of New Mexico. Biden has proven that he will have the state's back when the need arises.

---The Inflation Reduction ACT pumped billions into New Mexico for health, environment and other concerns in the wake of the Covid crisis. This has provided even more stimulus for our economically challenged state. The immense amount--which merits overuse of the word "historic"--is also rebuilding infrastructure for the 21st century. It is not an overstatement to say that the measure will extend the life of some rural communities in addition to lowering prescription drug costs

 --Biden appointed New Mexico's Deb Haaland as the first Native American Secretary of the Interior, a post critical to the interests of western states. This was another historic leap for a state where over 10 percent of the population identifies as Native American, giving voice to indigenous citizens. Her attention to past and current wrongs including abusive boarding schools and missing Native women while pursuing a balanced energy policy has vindicated Biden's decision to name her to his cabinet which gives the state a powerful voice at the policy table. 

 --Over his decades of public service Biden has been able to move in a more progressive direction on social issues that Americans have demanded. His firm support of the LGBTQ+ community and his embrace of Hispanics, Native Americans and African-Americans has led to an administration with unprecedented diversity. Add on his staunch support of women's rights (including their right to choose) and you have one of the more progressive leaders in national history. 

Of course, there have been failures but the successes are ubiquitous and meaningful for a state often treated as a "flyover" since losing its swing state status in the Electoral College. That has not been the case with Biden and bodes well if he stays on another four years. 

Representative Stansbury and Senator Lujan have not flinched in their support of the president during the DC feeding frenzy over his ability to perform. It's now past time for Senator Heinrich and Representatives Vasquez and Leger Fernandez to get off the ledge and join them in pushing forward the best interests of New Mexico at our national capital.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2024

State’s DC Reps Speak Out On Biden Future; Two Forcefully And One Indecisively; Rep. Vasquez Declines Comment For Second Time; Leger Also Stays Dark On President 

Heinrich, MLG and Biden
Three members of the state's congressional delegation are speaking out on the uproar over President Biden's debate performance and the future of his candidacy. 

Two do so forcefully and one indecisively.

On the indecisive side is Sen. Martin Heinrich, seeking a third term in November and facing a challenge from Republican Nella Domenici. 

Sounding more like a back-bencher than the state's senior senator, Heinrich backed away from either giving Biden a clear vote of confidence or rebuking his candidacy:

I love Joe Biden. He’s the most accomplished President of my lifetime and he’s a genuinely wonderful human being. However, what I care most about is the preservation of our democracy. President Biden needs to continue to demonstrate that his debate performance was just a bad night, and that he has a clear path to defeating Donald Trump. Our democracy hangs in the balance.

The statement staked out both sides of the issue in preparation to go whichever way the wind blows. One Dem operative said:  

Heinrich makes it sounds like he has a tough re-election race.  

The ambiguity of Heinrich's statement was an easy lay up for the NMGOP. They hit hard Monday night:

Senator Heinrich's vague statement reveals the havoc that has descended upon the Democratic Party. Heinrich's previous blind loyalty to Biden and his special interest groups now makes it difficult for him to answer honestly about the President's mental and physical ability to lead the country, New Mexicans deserve leadership with the courage to say it like it is and put the best interests of our state and nation first.

Heinrich's race with Domenici is ranked "solid" or "likely" Democrat but his party is now divided over Biden's fate and it appears he fears alienating either side. 

That's not exactly a profile in courage but to the senator and his consultants, it's the safe if not the brave road to travel.

Domenici can't do much about Heinrich's vacillation as she is a closet anti-Trumper who won't say whether she will vote for Trump, but seeing Heinrich and the Dems twist in the wind as the situation remains unresolved so close to the election has to bring her joy. 


Rep. Stansbury
Meanwhile, progressive Dem US Rep. Melanie Stansbury is on firm re-election ground with only token GOP opposition in her ABQ-centered district. She came with unapologetic support for the incumbent:

I stand with our President and the Biden-Harris Campaign. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to our democracy and must be defeated in November. He is a liar, felon, and con man. He lies about the pandemic which led to millions of deaths. He lies about his treatment of veterans, who he called ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’. He lies about the economy and his jobs record. He lies about project 2025 which will gut Social Security and Medicare and ban abortions nationwide. This November I’m committed to doing everything in my power to reelect Joe Biden and defend our democracy at the ballot box.” 

It is notable that Stansbury mentions "Biden-Harris." VP Harris' progressive credentials top those of Scranton Joe's and her fans anticipate her someday succeeding her boss. 

Stansbury is well on her way to becoming the most dynamic member of the five member DC delegation, repeatedly pitching the progressive line and with credibility earned through knowledge.

Her friendly district makes that easier but there are signs of leadership there that were not expected when  the then mostly unknown state legislator unexpectedly took the ABQ seat after a vacancy occurred in 2021.  


Rep. Vasquez
Republicans continue to hammer away at southern NM US Rep. Gabe Vasquez for refusing for a second time to address the Dem party division. Politico reported:  

A spokesperson for battleground House Democrat Gabe Vasquez (D-N.M.) said ‘no comment’ when asked if Biden should stay in the race and what Vasquez is hearing from his constituents about the matter.” National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) spokeswoman, Delanie Bomar, wrote following the Democrat’s uncertainty on his support for Biden, “It is unacceptable that Vasquez is trying to run a basement campaign. He must make his position clear, and he must do it today.” 

Vasquez is the weak link in the delegation having been elevated to a position he was not ready for and not doing his best to fill. But he has fallen into the trap of trying to please everyone all the time.

Rather than seeming hapless and helpless, Vasquez might be better off going all-in for the president and working to get re-elected by winning larger margins in Las Cruces and ABQ's South Valley. (Biden carried the district in 2020 that Vasquez is now running in). Otherwise, he appears headed down the path of former Dem Rep. Xochitl Torres Small who held the seat for one term and was defeated by Yvette Herrell who in turn was defeated by Vasquez in '22 but is back again as the GOP nominee in '24.  


Freshman US Senator Ben Ray Lujan came on strong for Biden. He said he would be doing "everything possible" to help Biden's re-election and that: 

Donald Trump is a failed former president and a threat to our democracy.


Like Vasquez, northern US Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez is declining media comment on Biden. That's strange since her re-election bid is on easy street with a weak GOP foe. 

But then TLF is known to panic on political questions, like when she freaked out over the new boundaries for her district which were more than generous for her re-election. She couldn't see it that way. 

This time fear of the southern Republicans in her district as well as the radical left in Santa Fe--both who want Biden out--may have taken hold of the congresswoman.

Biden easily carried Leger's Dem-heavy northern congressional district in 2020. 

He has repeatedly stated he will not end his candidacy.  

All five members of the NM DC delegation are Democrats. 


That White House meeting with Governors and President Biden that MLG attended and that we mentioned on Monday's blog was held in-person and virtually. MLG took part virtually. 

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Monday, July 08, 2024

Sticking With Joe: State's Dem Establishment Still Supportive In Wake Of Debate Debacle; Senate President And House Speaker Offer Encouragement; MLG Reportedly Wavers But No Public Comment  

Talk about fireworks. The political variety gave stiff competition to the real deal this Fourth of July as the fate of President Biden fueled a frenzy of speculation that spread from DC to the hinterlands like one of those giant summer heat waves. 

For all the intensity of the debate in the aftermath of Biden's woeful June 27 performance, as the smoke clears things look similar to what they were before his doomed date with Trump.

To wit, Biden remains on track to become the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election and he is still positioned to carry New Mexico in November. 

The collapse in political and popular support that would be necessary to convince Biden to give up his grip on the nomination--earned as it was with the votes of millions of primary voters--has not occurred, apart perhaps from the DC media where the usual sense of proportionality was hastily abandoned in the wake of the shock waves reverberating from that debate stage.

Even MLG was momentarily caught up in the panic while attending a White House meeting via Zoom with other Dem Governors and Biden:

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico jumped in and said Mr. Biden was at risk of losing her state, according to another person briefed on what had taken place.

Her fear was apparently sparked by a progressive group's poll taken in the immediate aftermath of the debate that showed Biden tied with Trump in New Mexico or maybe it was a hat tip to her good friend and Vice-President Kamala Harris who as President might be more prone than Biden has to giving MLG a juicy appointment. Or maybe the Guv's jumping of the shark was simply the result of her love affair with caffeine. She has not offered any public comment on the debate.

Whatever the case, MLG's fear was not shared--at least not publicly--by the state Democratic party establishment. In fact, while MLG went to radio silence after her White House declaration, her compadres had Scranton Joe's back on social media, signaling that a retreat by Biden is as improbable as it is impractical. 


Sen. Stewart
One of the more relevant tweeters was state Senate President Mimi Stewart, a leader in the national and local progressive movement, a wing of the party sometimes at odds with centrist Biden. 

But there was no hint of any degree of separation as the ABQ lawmaker unleashed a tweet storm in support of Biden, reposting dozens of tweets including this from the President's own account:

I beat Trump in 2020. I’m going to beat him again in 2024. 

The ABQ lawmaker also reposted this missive in praise of Biden from African-American US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee:

The party has spoken! Millions of Democrats voted for Pres. Biden to be our nominee. Further, new polls how the vast majority of Democrats still support him as our nominee. The conversation is over — the focus is beating Trump and delivering for America! Enough is enough! 

Stewart had plenty of company from the Dem political class with House Speaker Javier Martinez also sticking by the President in his hour of need, saying:

Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I know. But this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life and someone who only cares about himself. Between someone who tells the truth; who knows right from wrong and will give it to the American people straight — and someone who lies through his teeth for his own benefit. Last night didn’t change that, and it’s why so much is at stake in November.

For good measure, Martinez's predecessor, Speaker Brian Egolf, another progressive Dem, reposted this supportive Biden tweet:

1. I can’t tell you how much of a disconnect it is on the outside world. Literally zero people have told me Biden should drop out. The opposite. People keep telling me he needs to stay. Even if they think he’s old.


The state's congressional delegation has been silent when it comes to direct comment on the debate.

US Sen. Martin Heinrich, facing a re-election challenge from Republican Nella Domenici had no statement but there were no signs that he was about to turn against the White House. 

As for Domenici, she was boxed in and unable to take advantage of the Biden mishap. She has publicly stated she is not pursuing an endorsement from Trump and has not said whether she will vote for him. 

Progressive US Rep. Melanie Stansbury, facing only token GOP opposition this cycle, did not issue any statement but did put up a tweet praising Biden's energy policies:

@POTUS clean energy plan, companies have announced more than 300,000 NEW clean energy jobs, including 16,625 new jobs right here in NM! The future is here, and it's electric! 

All of this is not to say that those who support Biden today could not turn against him in the wake of more unanticipated events surrounding his mental acuity but it does say for now his political base here remains solid.

Biden beat Trump in NM by 100,000 votes and over 10 percent of the total vote in 2020. Hillary Clinton's margin of victory here over Trump was 8.2 percent in 2016. 
Cut those margins by more than half and Biden still wins the state. 
When Biden's electoral track record is put up against a single "bad night" it's easy to see why the Democratic powers here are sticking with the guy who brought them to the dance.
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Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Another Branch Of The APD DWI Scandal Emerges; Cops Across State Fail To Show For MVD License Revocations; DWI Drivers Escaping Tough Penalty, Plus: Happy Fourth, New Mexico  

Happy Fourth!
Those extra DWI checkpoints for the long holiday weekend may look inhibiting to drivers but their effect is not as profound as intended. 

The APD DWI scandal, wherein cops allegedly took a walk on court hearings for drivers charged with drunk driving, also brings to the fore another major lapse in DWI enforcement in ABQ and the state. 

A report reveals that more than 2,200 suspected drunk drivers in the past two years have kept their driving privileges because police have been no shows at state Motor Vehicle Department hearings where licenses are revoked for six months for driving under the influence.

That leads to this take from a law enforcement professional:

Governor Lujan Grisham needs to add a rewrite to the state's DWI laws in the upcoming special session because the APD DWI scandal and now the MVD scandal show DWI enforcement is failing in New Mexico.

As citizens we can only wonder what the FBI investigation into the APD-DWI scandal will expose. Are ABQ Metro Court employees involved? Are MVD employees involved? How deep does this DWI scandal go and how far back? 

Did MVD hearing officers report to MVD Director Mark Williams the huge number of officers failing to appear at their hearings? If they did report to him, what did Williams do or not do? If they failed to report to Williams, why? Why hasn’t MVD been auditing these hearings to determine what was happening? 

You would think the people in charge at MVD, the legislature and Governor would require them to provide a yearly report on the number of DWI hearings, their outcomes and officers failing to appear.

Records show that APD officers failed to show up 50 percent of the time for the MD license revocation  hearings. Tucumcari was best with a no-show rate of zero percent but a number of jurisdictions had no-show rates of 100 percent including the Clayton and Cuba police departments. 

Happy Fourth, New Mexico! 

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Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Court Battle Continues Over 180 Day School Year As State Plunges Deeper Into Under Performance; Why PED Has It Right And Status Quo Educators And Helicopter Parents Have It Wrong  

Going from worst in the nation in public education to anywhere above it is not going to get done without  some pain and shaking up of the failed status quo. But the state doesn't appear anywhere near ready to take on the challenge.

We know that because another court hearing is scheduled today over a lawsuit filed by 63 public school districts and charter schools to stop the Public Education Department from mandating a 180 day school year.

That's a standard many districts already adhere to, but is still meeting with vociferous opposition including from parents unqualified to make such decisions as their children drop-out, slip into crime and drugs or lousy paying, dead-end jobs that further the state's downward spiral

This relatively minor change from the MLG administration, led by PED Secretary Arsenio Romero, is backed by grim facts:

New Mexico’s fourth-grade students’ reading proficiency rate of 21% in 2022, when it was named 50th in the nation, mirrored its rate more than 20 years earlier, despite small fluctuations over the decades. Additionally, the pandemic significantly affected chronic absenteeism rates in New Mexico. The percentage of students who miss more than 10% of the school year rose from 16% in the 2019-2020 school year to 40% in the 2021-2022 school year, and only decreased by 1% in the following school year.

In other words we are off the charts in under performance that is impacting the state's ability to attract business and jobs and keep younger people who are diligent students from seeking greener pastures, leading to an aging and stagnant population.

Let's go to the expert as the court is again gaveled into session today to hear the helicopter moms and intolerant educators make their case, showing why they and a majority of the state are dead wrong and on the wrong side of history. Here's PED Secretary Arsenio Romero trying his best to persuade the school districts:  

Sec. Romero
Dear District Leaders, I am deeply alarmed by the high number of low-performing schools and what that means for the state, the children who are being educated here, and our future. Far too many of our schools are under performing. 

Students statewide have low reading and math proficiencies. This is unacceptable. It is time for accountability: for the Public Education Department, for the school districts (including their boards and schools), charter schools, teachers' unions and families. We owe this accountability to our state’s most precious resource: children. 

While some progress has been made, we cannot ignore the persistent low student achievement results and achievement gaps that continue to plague New Mexico’s public schools decade after decade. It is time to break free from the status quo and demand excellence from everyone who works within the state’s education system. 

In the highlights of the most recent data, we see that every student has the capacity for success, if given the right tools and under strong school leadership. The reading gains in Pojoaque of over 26 percent demonstrate unequivocally how quickly student success can be achieved with the right focus. Leadership in the Pojoaque School District invested time and energy into bringing Structured Literacy to their students and in doing that, showed all of us what is possible. 

Schools have the tools: they need only be put to use. 

The NMPED remains committed to working with school districts and school leaders to make sure these goals are accomplished. This will require the development and implementation of effective, evidence-based policies and programs, as well as leadership, innovation, and change. 

Gov. Lujan Grisham and legislators have invested billions of dollars in the state’s education system since 2019 – levels never before seen in history – but historic academic gains have not followed. 

Statewide, barely a third of students are proficient in reading and less than a quarter are proficient in math, and these results are worse for students from low-income families and with disabilities, English learners, and Native American students. That must change. 

NMPED’s proposed budget this year will be focused on accountability. It will require that all districts, schools, and classrooms in New Mexico be held responsible for the academic achievement and growth of their students. We can no longer afford to overlook under performing schools or allow subpar educational experiences to persist. 

In this model, we will enforce accountability at the district level to ensure that those that do not provide their students with an effective education implement programs and policies that are proven to produce positive results. That shift will allow the state to create a renewed culture of high expectations, collaboration, and innovation that will propel our students toward success.  

Let us come together as stakeholders in education—parents, teachers, administrators, policymakers—and embrace this bold vision for accountability. . . 

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Monday, July 01, 2024

Debate Debacle Lands Quietly Here; No Top Dems Calling For Biden To Back Off But Rep. Vasquez Goes Mum Over Performance As Herrell Turns Up Heat  

While a national media frenzy rages over President Biden's stumbling performance in last week's debate with Donald Trump the political waters here over Biden's disappointing night seem quiescent. 

None of the five member all-Democratic congressional delegation have called on Biden to step down or seem stricken with panic over the bad night delivered by Scranton Joe. 

All but one offered solid support in the aftermath of the debacle.

The lone exception would be southern Dem US Rep. Gabe Vasquez who has often shied away from Biden since going to the House two years ago and who is the only delegation member in danger of losing his job in November.

He faces a rematch with Republican Yvette Herrell whom he ousted in '22 in a one percentage point race and who is now calling Vasquez out for refusing to answer when asked after the debate about Biden's competence:

@Gabe_NM refuses to say if Joe Biden is fit to be president. Biden clearly doesn’t have the mental acuity to serve, and Gabe is putting political allegiances over the good of #NM02

Vasquez faces a litany of woes far more dire than any association with Biden. 

He was poorly vetted for the position when recruited by Sen. Martin Heinrich who he once worked for and now that carelessness is taking a bite out of the freshman lawmaker. The latest:

. . .An arrest warrant was executed against Vasquez over outstanding traffic tickets from more than two decades ago and allegations that he tried to flush marijuana down a toilet after police were dispatched to his apartment to investigate a noise complaint in 2005 and also that he uttered a racial slur against a former colleague the year before. "I have not and would never use language like this," Vasquez said, referring to a report unearthed by the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news outlet, alleging he called a Black co-worker a derogatory term.

The southern district remains swing territory. Under the new lines it is more Democratic but still conservative. Using the current boundaries in 2020 Biden won the 2nd CD 51.9 percent to Trump's 46.1.

While Vasquez was unprepared for the job and his warts are becoming more prominent, Herrell's abortion stance and her vote to overturn the 2020 presidential results make her an unacceptable choice for many of the few undecided voters still out there. 

Like the presidential race the Vasquez-Herrell campaign will be a long negative slog financed by tens of millions from the national parties and that will have voters praying for the end. 


Sick leave payments to top officials departing the Mayor Keller administration and called into question by the city's Inspector General brings this from a former department director under the previous mayor:

Joe, I was a director under the Mayor Berry administration and when I was not reappointed, I specifically asked about sick leave. I was told in very clear terms by then Chief Administrative Officer Sarita Nair that I would have to forfeit my time because it was under the threshold. 

Now to learn it was grifted to others, including her, is a clear slap in the face. Sick leave now seems negotiable to those who need it the least and have access to the decision makers. The best insight is to show how many employees have had to forfeit their sick leave because this option was not available to them. 

The city says it "can create exceptions for leave policies, and it is not unusual to do so for senior employees." 

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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Other Voices: ABQ Parks Ready For Summer '24; Study Says We Rank 15th Best In Nation 

ABQ's Roosevelt Park

The summer of '24 is here and ABQ's parks are ready for some days of relaxation--or sports for those so inclined. 

While there's no denying some city parks have been surrendered to the addicted and unhoused, overall the park system here remains one of the most robust in the nation, thanks to several generations of leadership dating back to the Great Depression years.

Today our Other Voices features some news from the city's Parks and Recreation Department

The City’s park system now ranks 15th in the nation according to the 2024 ParkScore Index. Albuquerque jumped eight spots from 2023 to 2024, and over the last four years, the City has climbed 22 positions in a national ranking of parks in America’s 100 largest cities. 

The ParkScore Index is issued annually by the Trust for Public Land (TPL), evaluating 14 measures across five different categories: Acreage, Access, Investment, Amenities, and Equity. 

Here’s how Albuquerque’s ranking has changed over the past few years: 23rd in 2023 34th in 2022 37th in 2021.

“Like most local families, spending quality time in any of Albuquerque’s great parks is one of my own family’s favorite pastimes,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “No matter which part of town you live in, these bright spots in our community provide safe, green spaces to enjoy sports, exercise for your pets, and healthy activities.” 

The remarkable ascent of Albuquerque's park system, now ranking 15th nationally according to the 2024 ParkScore Index, reflects our city's steadfast commitment to enhancing green spaces for all residents. 

Jumping eight spots in just a year and climbing 22 positions over four years underscores our dedication to providing accessible, equitable, and enriching outdoor experiences for our community, as recognized by the Trust for Public Land's rigorous evaluation. 

Albuquerque scored 65.8 out of 100 possible total points on the ParkScore Index (up from 61.1 points in 2023) to crack the top 20 for the first time. The City scored highest in the Access, Equity, and Acreage categories. With 90% of the City’s population living with a walkable half-mile of a park (the national average is 56%), Albuquerque continues to score among the highest in nation in the Access category (87 out of 100 points). 

Albuquerque also received strong marks for Equity and showed improvement in this category over 2023 (improving from 61 to 64 points out of 100). The equity score indicates the fairness in the distribution of parks and park space among neighborhoods by race and income. 

The City saw the most improvement in the Investments category, jumping up 18 points from 41 points out of 100 in 2023 to 59 points in 2024. 

PRD has completed and continues to work on dozens of park projects, including several major projects in underserved neighborhoods, such as the complete renovation at Phil Chacon Park. 

 “It’s nice to get our highest ranking ever, but we still have more work to do,” said Parks & Recreation Department Director Dave Simon. “Our goal is continuous improvement and with continued investment, the future is bright for parks in the Duke City.” 

To access the complete ParkScore Index report, click here. To access the Albuquerque ParkScore data, click here.

Happy Summer, New Mexico.

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