Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas! Season Of Peace Finally Arrives After Year of Political Combat; Plus: My Xmas Card to You,  

Dear Friends,

The guns of La Politica finally fall silent after a year of roaring loudly across our Enchanted Land. Each campaign seems to get rougher and more personal. Yet each year the Christmas season seems to put salve on the wounds and remind us that our political wars are temporary and what really matters in life can not be condensed into a 30 second sound bite or a legislative hearing.

There's no place like ancient New Mexico to humble even the most ego driven politico. Its long history reminds us that we are just passing thru here for a brief time; that the troubles of life will continue into the generations to follow, but so will the joys. If we are lucky, perhaps we can have a small part in making a dent in some of those troubles and bringing a bit of joy to those we share life with and those who will follow us.

Thanks for sharing some of your time with me this past year. And thanks to all my sponsors for helping me to bring you these words. It has been an amazing ride. And what will 2005 bring? The unexpected for sure. I look forward to being with you as we continue to chronicle the never ending saga of New Mexican politics.

Back here next year. Meanwhile, here's my
Christmas card
to you and a link to track Santa's Christmas Eve ride.

Merry Christmas,

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