Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Those Old Green Blues, Plus: Will Big Bill Be Bored? And: Your Right To Enchiladas  

The New Mexico Green Party, for a time a force on the state political scene, seems to be a shell of its former self. The party is about to lose its "major party' status as it had no candidate win five percent of the statewide vote in the recent election, Some Greenies, reports the ABQ Trib's Shea Andersen, are pinning their hopes on their Bernalillo County clerk candidate, Steve Cabiedes, who got around 17% of the votes cast in his race. They said that amounts to 5% statewide, thus the Green's could retain major party status. But Cabiedes says even if you accept that logic, he is still a few hundred votes short of the 5%, and the recount will not change that.

Losing the major party label is mostly a loss of prestige and the right to hold primary elections. Cabiedes, a political junkie who has contributed analysis to our blog, told me he sees the party as dormant when it comes to the NM 06' Guv's race where the party has made its biggest splashes in recent years. "No one is talking about it right now," he reports.

However, Cabiedes predicted that if it looks as if Big Bill will have an easy time at re-election, the Greens could come up with a candidate as they did in 02. "The stronger the Governor looks, the better our chance of picking up Green votes since folks are not as concerned that they will be hurting one of the major parties." He analyzed. The decline of the Greens is yet anther sign of the exhaustion among the left in the wake of the Bush victory.


Meanwhile, insider sources at the very top of the Dem Party food chain are as baffled as the rest of us as to who will emerge from the GOP to take on the uphill task of challenging Big Bill in 06'. The Guv fired the opening shot Monday saying he will seek the job again, but his backers see no big name opposition on the horizon. When pressed they name John Sanchez, restaurant owner Ed Tinsley and even hard-right conservative State Rep. Dan Foley. It would seem the main threat to the Big Guy at this point is boredom.


Can a catchy title make a bill catch fire at the Roundhouse? The New Mexico Restaurant Association is giving it the college try with one dubbed,"The right To Eat Enchiladas" bill. The measure aims to do away with legal threats to restaurant owners who serve high fat food to fat folk. "Frivolous obesity suits" is the specific target. Not a bad name, but maybe the association should rename its effort "The Right to Eat Pork" bill. Lawmakers would put that one through on a voice vote.


Finally, from our email bag comes word that they are even playing politics at funerals these days. A woman, eulogizing her late father in ABQ, gets up and tells the congregation her late dad's favorite saying was: "If you can't say something nice about somebody, you must be talking about Hillary Clinton." The attendees chuckled, but Hillary gets the last laugh. The dearly departed won't get to vote against her.

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