Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bush Won NM, But That Doesn't Stop The Back Biting, Plus: Media Bragging Rights  

Can't even the winners be happy? NM Dems have good reason to bitch about the state of their party after Kerry's loss here, but even winning doesn't stop the back stabbing and finger pointing in La Politica. GOP sources report in that they are upset even though Bush won the state. Why? Because the state party finished up with close to $200 grand in the bank; money these disgruntled R's say should have been used to help statewide judge candidates and R candidates in close contests like Ward Camp's closely fought battle for Public Regulation Commission in which he lost to Dem Jason Marks.

"The November election was the Super Bowl. We should have spent every penny and then some," argued one embittered R. But supporters of State GOP Chair Allen Weh say the party ended up with a big surplus because big money came in at the last minute and Weh did not have time to dole it out. The critics fire back that party pros knew money would be coming around Election Day and should have kept spending and tried harder to pick up a state senate or house seat or two.

Whatever the case, Chairman Weh has indicated he will seek re-election to the post this year and no doubt will use the rare party cash surplus as a campaign point.


KOB-TV's Neil Simon checks in to let us know the Guv's office confirmed our Tuesday report that a new speechwriter came on board this week at the Fourth Floor. He is Scott Downs and joins the Big Bill media stable after working the Guv's office in Indiana. Welcome to New Mexico, Scott. Not that you will be seeing much of it. But someone will slide a sandwich under your door every once in a while.


KRQE-TV, Channel 13 recently finished in first place in the hotly contested 10 p.m. November news ratings for the first time in its over 50 year history. But the naysayers said it was because a bunch of old people were watching, not the 25-54 year olds that advertisers covet. But sources come through with the age breakdown and they confirm that 13, which beat out KOB-TV by a nose, is performing solidly among the younger audience.

"While KRQE's households were up 33%, adults 25-54 increased 80% from a 3.5 to 6.3 rating. Adults 18-49 were up 75% from 2.4 to 4.2. KOB experienced a 7% drop in this age group, KOAT a whopping 25% drop. KRQE is now second in this group," informed our deep media insider.

By the way, recent radio ratings in ABQ put new liberal talk station KABQ-AM 1350 with about a 2.0 share of the audience. Not bad for a start-up. Are there more lefties out there than we thought?

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