Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Can GOP Trip Up Big Bill On Anything? How About Voter ID? Plus: The Gorham's Goodbye  

Sen. Duran
Big Bill is out with another big proposed budget increase but the "conservative" Republicans in our Enchanted Land remain quiet as the proverbial church mouse. Does the cat have their tongues? Or is it that anything that says 'tax cut' leave them speechless and paralyzed to act?

There does seem one issue the often divided GOP might be able to rally around in the upcoming 60 day session: Voter ID. Alamogordo State Sen. Dianna Duran, a possible GOP candidate for Secretary of State in 2006, is all ready with a
voter ID bill and fellow Otero County lawmaker, State Rep. Terry Marquardt will introduce the same version in the House.

The Guv split with some Dems when he said favorable things about voter ID in the last campaign. Now the R's have an opportunity to hold his feet to the fire on an issue they enjoy overwhelming popular support on. But will they?


The Gorham's are going. That according to friends of the onetime NM power couple. Ramsay and Frank Gorham gave a lot of time and dough to the state GOP, but she was ousted in a coup and replaced by current chair Allen Weh. The Gorham family made a fortune in the oil business and friends say they will relocate to that oil capitol of Houston TX. They sold their North Valley home last year. Ramsay's ABQ North Valley senate seat went to lobbyist John Ryan in the November election. Frank served as chairman of the Bernalillo County GOP.

The Gorham's were called into service when the GOP chairmanship of John Dendahl had run its course. But the Dendahlites never forgave her and the party has yet to fully unite after the bitter battle that ended with her ouster early last year.


Another big name R, ABQ North Valley ex-State Rep and 04' Guv candidate John Sanchez, made the blog a while back when it was said he had built a home in the ABQ city limits and was eyeing a run for ABQ mayor. But I need to check that out further. That house may be in the county, according to R's in the know and Sanchez has not been making any noise about running for Mayor. He has, however, not ruled out another run for Guv in 06.'John, just make it easy on us and drop us an e-mail.

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