Monday, January 10, 2005

TV's Dianne Anderson Shifts To Radio; Will Join Larry Ahrens On New Talk Outlet, Plus: Together Again: Big Bill & The Sanchez Brothers 

Veteran TV news anchor Dianne Anderson will be back behind the microphones, but not the cameras, as she joins with former KKOB-AM radio host Larry Ahrens in trying her hand at talk radio, report reliable insiders. The duo will set up shop at AGM Radio in ABQ. It's unclear which FM frequency AGM will switch to accommodate the two high-profile talkers. Some industry sources say it will be at 106 FM. Whatever, they will have an uphill fight to get a significant audience, say the media experts.

"Diane is well-know but has shown little interest in politics or controversy, the staples of talk radio. There will be a curiosity factor but she will have to prove herself in a medium that in many ways is actually much tougher than TV. Larry also has high name recognition, but the station he will be on will have much less power than KKOB and it is doubtful he can attract the kinds of numbers he did there," analyzed one radio exec monitoring developments.

Anderson recently left KOAT-TV where she anchored for nearly 15 years. Friends say it was not related to poor ratings, even though KOAT has slid into third place in the 10 p.m. news for the first time in a generation. The comely anchorwoman said she wanted a more family-friendly schedule, but the station would not accommodate her. That brought some comments from fellow news hounds who pointed out that journalism is not a "family-friendly" profession and those who get ahead often sacrifice family life for the ratings race.

It will be several months before Anderson and Ahrens light up the phone lines at the new talker. They will do separate programs. Time will tell whether the magic they bottled at their old outlets will transfer to their new media home. Stay tuned.


Raymond Sanchez

Santa Fe wall-leaners think they see a behind-the-scenes deal in Big Bill's naming of former NM House Speaker Raymond Sanchez to the University of New Mexico Board of Regents. The conspirators think the Guv will now not have too hard a time with Raymond's Senate Majority Leader brother, Michael Sanchez, and Michael's well-known "independent streak." They think Raymond's appointment to the UNM board makes Michael "grateful" to the Guv for the appointment.

It's an open secret that Big Bill touted Sen. Phil Griego for Majority leader in the early going, but he could not make the grade. The naming of Raymond has other Alligators claiming Big Bill got a "twofer" with Raymond, pointing out that new House Majority Leader, Ken Martinez of Grants, is a protégé of Raymond, who in turn was a protégé of Kenny's father, the legendary former House Speaker Walter Martinez. Aaah, the web and intrigue of our beloved La Politica.


Republican Mario Burgos has caught the blogging bug. Burgos, who unsuccessfully sought a a seat in the state house last year, decided to stay in the game anyway and blogs regularly from his conservative armchair and PR shop in Santa Fe. You can check him out here.

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