Monday, February 07, 2005

All In The Family: Sister Of Big Bill's Lawyer Up For Judgeship; Plus: D's Chase Heather On Social Security, But She Escapes 

Is the sister of Big Bill's top lawyer about to land a district court judgeship in ABQ? That's the question buzzing in insider legal circles as word is out that three names have been recommended to the Guv to replace retiring ABQ Judge Wendy York. One of those names is the sister of Geno Zamora who just happens to be the chief legal counsel in the Guv'office. Geno's sister is 44 year old Monica Zamora, a UNM Law grad.

"It has some teeth grinding for sure," commented one legal beagle. Also raising eyebrows is that just three names, not the usual five, have been submitted to Big Bill for his decision on the judge vacancy."That increases her chances," said one legal beaver.

When a vacancy is created in a district judgeship the Judicial Selection Commission recommends names to the Guv. Do you think the Guv has an inside track to that commission? Nah, no way!
Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, Geno Zamora is also surfacing in the conversations of La Politica as a possible Dem candidate for Attorney General this year. It is talk that he is not discouraging. The legal sharpie is well-respected in Dem party circles. If he makes the run he would face-off with, among others, ABQ State Rep Al Park who has all but announced his intentions. Big Bill raised big bucks for Al's run for State House last year. Where will he be on the AG's race if Gino runs?

Dems thought they had an opening when ABQ GOP U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson went before the Legislature and called for an overhaul of Medicaid but did not even mention Social Security. The D's immediately fired off an e-mail: “When it comes to her position of upholding the promise of Social Security, Heather Wilson has waffled like a Belgian baker. Congresswoman Wilson needs to explain her preference to line the pockets of stock brokers instead of seniors, ” fired D state Chair Wertheim.

But the D's were shut out on this one. Heather told the ABQ Journal's Mike Coleman that she is against Bush's plan to privatize part of Social Security. She was smart to do so. A defining moment of her last campaign against Dem Richard Romero came when Romero tried to trip her up on the issue, one in which she has changed positions on since first running back in 98.' But Heather flattened Romero on live TV with a one word answer on privatizing: "No."

For popular Senator Pete it's easy to come out for the Prez's controversial plan, but for Heather a misstep on the issue could spell the end of her political career. Pollsters tell me her strongest backers are those over 55 and that's the group most opposed to Bush's plan. Heather also has to worry about splitting with the White House on yet another major issue; She did the same on a Medicare bill and observers say it cost her a seat on the House Armed Services Committee. But Wilson did what had to be done and while Wertheim's hasty hit shows the Dems are lying in wait, it also shows she remains elusive prey.


Rep. Steve Pearce has been added to the Homeland Security Committee and the House Financial Services Committee, say the Washington insiders....Pete Ross, an assistant district atttorney in Sandoval County passed away over the weekend, acccording to my insider e-mail. Ross lost a bid for D.A to Dem Lemuel Martinez, who is now on that list of possible contenders for Atttorney General in 06.’

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