Monday, February 21, 2005

A President's Day Surprise: Gary Johnson Eyes Prez Run in 08,' Will He Join Big Bill On The Trail? Plus: Is Nothing Sacred? "Hatch" Chili Questioned 

Gary Johnson
At least two New Mexicans are not thinking about past occupants of the White House on this President's Day. They're pondering the future occupants and whether they will be one of them. We all know Big Bill has 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on his mind, but did you know that former NM Guv Gary Johnson also dreams of the ultimate power trip? Associates of the former two term governor say Johnson just might pop up as a 2008 GOP Prez candidate using the issue that makes people love him or hate him: drug legalization. Governor Gary would seem a natural for the Libertarian Party, but as one wag put it: "Who cares if you run as a Libertarian?"

Johnson, holed up in Taos enjoying the outdoor life since leaving office in 2002, has always enjoyed the limelight A run for Prez would win him media invites and speaking engagements, but do little to unite his already divided party. But Johnson always prided himself on being the anti-politician and rarely did consider the impact his policies had on the party. So far, on drug legalization Gary Johnson has not been shown to be a man ahead of his time. In fact, no notable elected official is carrying the banner. But that won't bother Gary if he does decide to attempt a quixotic White House campaign. He has spent a lifetime tilting against windmills. Stay tuned.


This next item is barely political, but it could turn in that direction. A concerned reader asked us to give the issue a shove in the hope that a concerned state legislator or two might take notice. Here goes:

"Wal-Mart sells chili under the name Hatch chili. There is nothing illegal about using the name Hatch. Their chili is imported from Mexico. Last year they sold the chili for $10.00 a bag roasted. Most local grower cannot sell the chili for less than $15.00 dollars a bag roasted. Because of this, most local growers are dropping out of a NM tradition of growing chili. What can be done to bring this issue to light?"

Well, gentle reader it's under the light now. How about it southern NM lawmakers? Does this fellow have it right?


My Thursday blog was a bit bizarre containing as it did the more than usual grammatical errors. According to longtime reader and former top NM Capitol Hill aide Jack Daum, and several others, I had three of them in just the opening sentence! They have since been corrected so I can look smart for posterity. I was in a hurry to finish up so I could head over to Arizona to hit the little white ball. That was interrupted by the mother of all rainstorms, but I did bring back some Arizona La Politica for you and will post it this week. Until then, thanks for your corrections, email and news tips and, most of all, your company.

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