Wednesday, February 09, 2005

R's Try To Put A Target On NM's Lady In Waiting, Plus: Why I Will Never Be An Aggie, And: Big Bill: Too Big For Prez? 

NM's #2
A few years back when the going got rough in her contest with Jerry Sandel for the Dem nomination for Light Guv, Diane Denish intoned: "Politics isn't for sissies." Well, now Lt. Gov. Diane may be saying it again, and soon. It appears the GOP has formed a posse to catch Diane over her prized pre-school program for NM four year olds. They see it as a natural to trip up the ambitious number two who would someday like to succeed Big Bill.

"This bill sound like a social service program with no clear results targeted. It will also cost a bundle," said one R close to the action at the Roundhouse. He also blasted the measure for being a "daycare"' bill, not a true education measure.

The administration proposes lawmakers approve $9 million for preschool programs for about 3,000 four-year-olds across the state.

So far, the preschool measure has split on party lines, giving Diane a safe margin for eventual victory. But the R’’s are just warming up the band and hope to turn the public their way and stall this one before the session ends.The bill was voted out of a House committee Tuesday.

Last year Big Bill gifted Diane with a package of bills addressing the methamphetamine crisis in the state and she easily shepherded them through the Legislature, winning public accolades. But a year later the stakes are higher. Future power is now in sight. If the R’s can take a bite out of Diane they will and with pleasure as they have been completely stymied by Big bill.

As Diane indicated in her campaign, even the ladies must show their machismo in the game of La Politica. Looks like it's her turn again.


Veteran NM lobbyist Ray Davenport was one of many to put the needle in yesterday when he read my blog saying NM's two largest cities, (meaning ABQ and Santa Fe) are led by Hispanic mayors. I was wrong, of course. Las Cruces is the Land of Enchantment's second largest city, not Santa Fe. And Las Cruces State Rep. Joe Cervantes saying his area, like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect, even did some legwork for us so we could set the record straight. According to info given him by the state librarian and passed to us, Cruces has a current population of 76,990 and Santa Fe comes in at 66,476, not even close! On top of that, Las Cruces has an Anglo mayor. Thanks to Ray and Joe, among others, for pointing out the error of my ways. I guess I will never be an Aggie.


Not all my readers are on board the Big Bill for Prez train. They're a sharp-eyed bunch as revealed in this e-mail: "This business about Bill running for President (or VP) may only be a smokescreen for him to garner enough backing to sell to another candidate." The reader goes on to say he doesn't think the Big Guy is ""svelte enough," that the American voter is "intractable about body image."

The Alligators leave no stone unturned in assessing the Guv. I do agree that he could just as likely be running for VP as Prez. Hey, at that level a lot of what happens is beyond your control. As for "body image," bulky Dick Cheney made it. Is that a good omen for our Guv?

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