Monday, March 14, 2005

Heather Hunting: Dem Possibles Start To Emerge for 06', Plus: My Bottom Lines For A New Mexico Monday 

Rep. Wilson
For Heather Wilson there is no rest. Even after drubbing her Dem opponent by 10 points last November, the D's are back in the hunt and still maintaining that the ABQ GOP Congresswoman can be had, and they are tossing a few names around hoping to stir interest. I interviewed with the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call (subscription) recently about the 2006 race and they threw out the names of Attorney General Patsy Madrid and Secretary of Sate Rebecca Vigil-Giron as potential Heather challengers. Both high-profile women would not rule it out, but Madrid sounded more interested, if not giddy, than Vigil. Freshman State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino also had his name bandied about as a possible, but political junkie Brian Sanderoff said he doubts Pino will get in.


So, where does that leave things? Well, Roll Call did not mention it, but in years gone by both Vigil-Giron and Madrid sought the Dem nomination for the ABQ district and both lost. Heather's waffle on Social Security--she is against letting the "government" invest Social Security money in the stock market, but refuses to say whether "individuals" should be allowed to do that with their SS funds--has given the D's a ray of hope. They re playing it for all its worth as seen on this Web site. As I've reported, Heather is playing with fire on this one, but she still has wiggle room and is hoping the heat dies down before 06'.

AG Madrid
What is really frustrating for the D's is the magnitude of the victories that the studious Congresswoman has been wracking up--two ten pointers in four years--even after they have pounded her with millions of dollars of negative TV. There are so few really competitive congressional districts anymore, that Wilson's will still be high on the D's wish list. But as the years go by it's becoming more of a fantasy. The reality is that Heather is one of NM' premier vote-getters and is positioned to take Sen. Domenici's senate seat when he steps aside. Still, unlike the R's who have given up on so much here, the D's are not willing to abandon ship. Who knows? Someday they may find a welcome port.


When the the bill to abolish the death penalty was killed by a state senate committee, the chief House sponsor cried in the hallway. On the very same day in Portales, NM the community buried 69 year old Doris Newman and her 70 year old husband Odis. The couple was burned alive in the trunk of their car after being assaulted at their home. Think about that. Burned alive in the trunk of your car. By refusing to abolish the death penalty our Governor and Legislature have said Doris and Odis Newman matter. May it ever be so.......Say what you will about the controversial character, but State Sen. "Lightning" Rod Adair of Roswell can not be accused of being a publicity hog. When contacted recently by a reporter, he snipped: "I have no interest in talking with the ABQ Journal."....Larry Ahrens makes his debut on new ABQ talk radio station 106.3 FM today. He's on from 6 till 10 a.m. and among his first guests are Carol Wight of the NM Restaurant Association and Barbara Bruin of NM Alliance for Legal Reform.

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